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“I am just so ready to turn 30 and so ready for what life will bring in the future…”

In Contributors on August 18, 2012 at 00:07

Carla Ponce

In less than 3 months, I will be 30, and I am already “window” shopping for the dress I will wear on my very special birthday bash. Fifteen years older, but I feel like a quinceañera prepping for a birthday party. Indeed, I have to celebrate for life, love, accomplishments and most important of all, for health. I must admit I have had some mid crisis, but I think it is all part of getting older. I just hope I won’t hear like once someone asked me in a Hair Salon “Do you want to try our new Botox products?” Good thing, I don’t really think I need it! (That’s the spirit)

I look back on time and the simplest sentence that describes all my thoughts is “I can’t believe I have done all that”. I really can’t complain, I had a very beautiful childhood, unforgettable teenage life in Lima, awesome time in college in the US, great experiences in my short yet impressive career, and now I am enjoying my married life in a beautiful place in Europe. I have to say, I had enjoyed every single stage of my life(so far) and I just have to thank God for all the blessings! …so Cheers for that!

I still remember when I was 10-15, and I was dreaming to have babies at 22 because I wanted to be a very young mom… sure, but at 22 I was still in college, single and partying around South Beach. I was also dreaming about my prince charming: tall, blonde, green eyes, perfect hands and beautiful neck, gentle, lovely and very romantic…Incredibly enough, I was just describing my now husband, Sam. And yes, he treats me just like a princess!

Indeed, I had to kiss lot frogs…but I just learned from broken heart to broken heart to appreciate what I have next to me. Now, I can wake up every day, open my eyes, and see the most beautiful and purest eyes I have ever seen in my life…and that’s what I call wonderful: Love.

Life has gone so fast for me, and I still don’t know what else destiny will bring me. I moved from Lima to Miami, escaped to London for 3 months and New York for 6 months, went back to Miami, and I live in Switzerland now! Will I live in Japan, Cape Town or Australia?…I don’t know!! All I know is that I need to enjoy today as there is no tomorrow (or at least try to).

I had to make very important decisions in the past, and I really need to say there is no single decision I took which I regret because I believe that things are made for a reason. I just follow my dreams and in the way I came to the conclusion that being successful is not about how much money you have, but to look back and see all the accomplishments and see how hard you fight and work to reach those.

I believe that one is owner of its own happiness. It is up to someone to follow a path, even though there will always be obstacles in between, one need to learn how to overcome those barriers….and that is something I have learned through the years. Persistency is the key… and to keep dreaming.

Inevitably, you have to live, experience, learn and FALL, and then you stand and do all that again. I have learned that sometimes justice is not fair, but that’s another way to keep believing because that is what will help you to be stronger to keep following your goals. Why me? Yes, that is a very common question, but I know life is not perfect. I can have this and that…but still I want something else, and I guess that is just being human…

I am happy for all the good and thankful for the bad things that had thought me something… I am just so ready to turn 30 and so ready for what life will bring in the future… I like more challenges and more teachings along the way….so just bring it on baby!

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