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This book is one of the best finds of my research…

In Great Articles Found Doing Research on December 3, 2012 at 09:00

Chris Taylor's Book

Recommendations taken from the table of contents of one of the best books that I have found during this research:

-Give back to the world

  • Scratch the itch
  • Reach outside yourself
  • Turn your spirit inside out: Pay attention to community, turn outward, pay attention to the world around you and see how you can truly make an impact.

-Pursue your passion and purpose

  • Question assumptions
  • Live for today
  • Feed your passion
  • Dream deeply

-Get in touch with who you really are

  • Focus on the positives
  • Appreciate each step of the journey
  • Be humbled by nature
  • Go hug somebody
  • Leave behind traditional ways of thinking
  • Create a screw-up fund

-Nurture your body, your mind, and your spirit

  • Kick the caffeine habit
  • Get fit, get real
  • Seed your days with exceptional moments
  • Grab hold of opportunity and go out of your comfort zone
  • Unplug…and tune in
  • Slow down and focus inward

-Stretch your horizons

  • Be an open book: Look outward to the wisdom of others
  • Travel
  • Conquer a fear

LOVE IT and already started trying everything!


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