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Personal thoughts I learned in my 20’s, and hope to live by in my 30’s

In Contributors on February 28, 2013 at 11:24

By María Delgado

Thought I’d share some personal thoughts I learned in my 20’s, and hope to live by in my 30’s:

-Love and compassion towards myself and others breeds peace, healthier relationships and a better connection with the world.

-Awareness is true consciousness, get to know yourself and you’ll get to know the world.

-You are not your mind or your emotions …you are the observer in everything!

-Never judge or criticize yourself, others or life…observe yourself when you do, it usually comes back to mean something about you.

-You are the painter of your reality, observe your mind to see how it has accustomed you to see the world, and patiently and lovingly teach it something new.

-Accept everything first, acceptance and non- resistance is the only thing that breeds change!

-Heal your wounds! …don’t be embarrassed to go to therapy, spiritual retreats, etc…you’re taking responsibility for yourself and growing!

-Exercise and try to be as healthy as possible…it just really makes you feel good ! lol

-Whatever you love to do, just do it! even if it’s scary, if it gives you no security… do it with passion and hard work, life gives back when you are doing what you were born to do!

-Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is not only for your own good or gaining, but for that of others too!

-Fear is blinding!! Every time you feel fear do something silly like skipping lol, or just tell it you have shit to do!

-Detach from your “story”, open up to new perspectives…

-Being in the flow of life, as it comes, is true happiness…

-You are human- which means you will feel fear, sadness, joy, frustration, rejection, guilt, happiness and excitement…and it’s all ok…

-Forgive your past, or it will be you in the present…

-You are perfect just as you are right now! Love yourself unconditionally no matter what!

-Don’t ever compare yourself with others, you never know what a person is feeling or thinking inside…every one has a journey! live your own!

-Always be yourself! you were made uniquely to be just as you are.. nobody can create what you can, write what you can, say what you say…just as you do…be true to your heart it is the best guide to good decisions…LISTEN to yourself!

-Learn to live in the unknown…sometimes it’s time to Just Be!

-God, Light, your center ,the Universe…whatever language you speak is ever LET GO and let yourself be guided…

-You are important…because you are HERE! everything else is an extra you give back to the world…

-Be kind, Be love…Be You!

Today I am 30 =)

Let us know your thoughts on this!

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