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What a great week!

In News on May 31, 2013 at 13:41


Hello beloved readers!

How was your week?

Hope you had a happy and productive one!

We are thrilled to share some updates with you :

-We confirmed three (3) Expert Contributors to write Guest Pieces for our book: Health, Wellness, and Finances!  

We are still seeking for Expert Contributors for Relationships, Spirituality, Career, and Lifestyle, therefore please keep send us your recommendations by June 14th!

-We met with professional editors for the first time and they gave us positive feedback in our work! 

-Tuesday May 28 was our best day for likes and May 29 was our best day for follows on “Now That I Am in My 30s”, including first-time readers from Cambodia!

– “Now That I Am in My 30s” would love to hear your story about turning 30, being 30+, and what matters most!

We will be accepting drafts until June 14th!

For more info:

Thank you so much for reading, following, liking, and commenting on this blog!

Your enthusiastic support keeps me going!

Dream big and work hard!

With much love,


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