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“And Then the Thirties Come in Spain”

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By Gode Segura Amarante

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To be part of a culture in which most of the women think that being complete means to be married and have kids is a bit complicated, but as every mind is a different world, mine has been pretty different. Life is not perfect and now that I’m in my thirties I can say I’m very proud of what I have achieved not just in my professional life but also proud of the woman I have become throughout these years in my personal life. I’m grateful for the family I have and more than anything else for my parents, because without them I would not be the person I am today.

Everything started in 2003 when I was twenty-one years old, almost twenty-two. I always had the idea of having the experience of living in a different country and being on my own. One of my main objectives was to be an independent person. I was almost done with accounting school and I was considering applying to the University of Miami. I was preparing myself to take the English test to join UM but something happened. I met a friend who started talking about Europe, specifically Spain; and then I thought: “Ok, let’s see what Spain has to offer”. I started looking for Masters programs and I found several that I liked, therefore I applied. Some programs required the same test I took for UM so I thought: “That’s good, let’s go for it!” That is how I was finally admitted to a school in Madrid.

Madrid was the city that taught me the most important things in life. I realized that I was stronger than I thought. Having the people I love the most far away from me and being in a different culture with no one but myself. Spain has given me great friends; great loves (even though they were not forever), amazing moments as a student, traveler, woman, and party girl but mainly as a human being. I think I was lucky but I also believe that I worked hard to be where I am today. In a European country that today I call home. At twenty-five years old I had the opportunity of working for a multinational firm in Barcelona in foreign projects. At the age of twenty-nine I became a Finance Director for a US subsidiary in Spain. I can say that most Directors are not that age when they start. Today, I am almost thirty-two and I am Head of Finance of three more subsidiaries.

Despite the fact that my family and closest friends have been far from me, my relationship with them stays like the day I moved away, because in essence our souls and minds are together forever (Thank God for technology, with that I have the opportunity of contacting and seeing the people I love). The only thing I can say I miss is having someone to share my life with. I know Mr. Prince Charming does not exist but here in Madrid it has been so complicated. There is something that I will never understand here because it has not just happened to me but also to friends who are also successful. It seems that because of the fact that you are a successful woman men get afraid of you. Their macho mentality makes them think that if you are in a superior level (according to them), they are not good for you and you will leave them. Most of them don’t realize that what matters is what you are and what you can offer as a person, material things matter but what matters most is what you have inside. But it’s ok, not everyone is meant to end or have a couple, that will come if God decides that it’s meant to be. In the mean time we have to live as if it is the last day of our life and build and maintain the happiness. What I can say is that with time, in your thirties you become more demanding…OK, let’s say picky… because you realize, at least in my case, that you are a treasure that cannot be in just anyone´s hands. So finally I will say that age is what you have deep inside, thirty is just a number, what matters is what you have given and the knowledge you have acquired through time, when you make a journey for which you will be remembered forever.

About Godelena:

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, now based in Spain. Finance Director experienced in Auditing, Internal Control and Finance Management. Enjoys traveling, writing, singing and dancing. Characterized by being a hard worker and friendly woman. Success is her main objective. 


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  1. From Europe: New Post on the Blog! Happy birthday to my dear friend and contributor Gode Segura Amarante! I always knew that you were going to be a successful career woman! Great job! The best is yet to come!


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