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“Motherhood and my new decade have given me a sense of place, of happiness”

In Contributors, Family, Lifestyle, Relationships on May 11, 2014 at 09:00

By Manuela Frencia

Manuela Frencia

When I was twenty I used to say that life would go downhill after twenty-five (how pretentious of me!), I look back at my past decade and it’s like a blur of college parties, job hunting, dating, moving countless of times, and at the end trying to find my place in this world… as I think about it, the twenties were stressful, it was leaving childhood behind and becoming a grown up.

As I was approaching the dreaded thirties, I panicked a little bit, here I was, married with a small baby and with the body that goes with it (not the sexy post-partum body celebrities show off), I wasn’t the glamorous woman I thought I would be by now, but I was so much more than that, I was a mother.

So, what’s thirty for me? Thirties are dirty diapers and burping cloths, is waking up in the middle of the night to check if my boy is ok, is cooking three different lunches a day to see which one will be successfully eaten, it’s Fridays nights eating pizza and watching series on the DVR, it’s breastfeeding sessions, swimming lessons and play dates.

I might have changed my Prada bag for Chicco’s diaper bag, and my high heels for sneakers, lab coat for yoga pants, but honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing. Because the real changes in me where not the clothes or material things, it was inside, something clicked, and I was no longer trying to fit in, I was in my place, in the “zone” I had been searching for so long… Nowadays, that I am a proud, wise woman of thirty I have become a poised person, I enjoy life as it comes and I literally live, enjoy and breath every new day as if it was the last one, because with children, as soon as you have them you realize that time flies, they grow up so fast, every day they learn something new and they teach you how to be surprised at small things, to find the positive side to everything.

Motherhood and my new decade have given me a sense of place, of happinessyes that’s what my thirties have been so far: Happy.

Thanks Manuela for being the first person who contacted us without even knowing us, just because you found our blog and liked it! Half Eritrean, half Italian, Manuela used to work as a genetic engineer, now she is a full time mommy! Enjoy her post and check out her blog!


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