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Is a woman “middle-aged” at 30? 40? 50? Japanese men and women give different answers in poll

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SoraNews24 -Japan News-

You may have heard that Japan is obsessed with youth, which is ironic for a country with an ageing population , this is ironic. In fact, Japan is purported to have the highest proportion of elderly citizens compared to all other countries. With so many older folks making up a vast percentage of the population, why is Japan’s society still often casually ageist, particularly towards women?

A recent poll asked “at what age does a woman become middle-aged?” and the results are extremely telling.

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  1. Love this comment: “In her forties, she becomes a mature beauty. ” – Male, 39
    Mostly because it’s the opinion of a man. We women tend to be too hard on ourselves and each other, so this is a refreshing reminder that we are beautiful regardless of our age.


    • Thank you Cris for commenting and highlighting that wise comment! As you and the article mention: “Men polled seemed to allow an extra decade for women before considering them “middle-aged.” This hints that women are much harsher on themselves than they perhaps have any need to be.” Keep shining!


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