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So Long 2019

In News on December 31, 2019 at 09:02

2019 will finish tonight. I am ready for it to go. The year that started up in the air (I was flying on New Year’s Eve), it was filled with unexpected events.

The biggest satisfactions came from the family: some had their first day of school, some graduated high school, grandma turned 90, I went on a short trip with my husband for the first time since we became parents, important conversations happened, and we all reunited to celebrate love over my cousin’s summer wedding.

Work was definitely bittersweet. I had the wonderful opportunity to join old and new projects who honored me with their trust. Between feelings of gratitude, nostalgia, and exhaustion, some went well, some not so much. I had important realizations and learned valuable lessons, professionally, personally and financially, and that made them all worth it. The proudest achievement was that I was able to complete the “In Our Thirties” manuscript with the help of my amazing editor Amy Schleunes, start the design and formatting phase and we will be launching this Spring 2020.

Health is in the works. We are all well at the moment, but we had our ups and downs with some scary moments in between. Finances need to get better, eye-opening lessons there too. Need to take better care of myself on both.

The hardest part of the year was losing people that I loved, admired, and I cared for. Each one of them touched me in a different and special way, and I am still learning from them and how to honor what they left.

As usual, my ambitious spirit is longing for more. But this one is over. Tomorrow will start again with renewed strength and hope.

Until then, love.

Thanks for reading,



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Production Manager & Coach? Yes, That's Me.

In Career, coaching, Giving Back=Paying It Forward on December 17, 2019 at 10:12

I always dreamt of being on set. The lights, the cameras, the music, the magic air that fills theaters and stadiums, everything seduced me. My dream came true, when I got my first job as a Production Coordinator in 2003. Today, almost 17 years later, I am grateful for an international career in TV & Events Production in the United States and Latin America, the privilege of working with the most talented and hardworking professionals in the industry, who have become my family and friends.

But I have always being curious and multi-passionate. A few years ago, in between shows, I needed an extra-challenge, therefore I started looking for a Professional Coach Certification program, and I found a great one at University of Miami. Fast-forward three years, approximately 300 hours of practice, and the honor of the trust of my clients, I am now thrilled to serve as a Certified Coach & Speaker.

I can’t think of a better way to support my fellow production colleagues than coaching them. This Friday December 20th I get to combine my two passions and offer the best of my almost 2 decades of combined experience in the production and coaching industries at Women On Set‘s 1st Anniversary Meet Up where we will celebrate everything we have accomplished together this year and prep for 2020 while I coach you during a WOS Vision-To-Action Board workshop.

This is a meaningful and unique opportunity to network and plan for your personal and professional life. Don’t miss it. RSVP Now here.

Thanks for trusting me on both fields.

See you there,



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Finding Hope & Solace at the Gym

In Blogging, Health, Lifestyle, Relationships, Spirituality, wellness on December 9, 2019 at 10:13

Yesterday I went to the gym after almost two years and a half since the last time I worked out. Yes, I did one 7-minute workout one day this summer, but I am afraid that doesn’t count for personal statistics purposes.

I joined with an online offer two weeks ago without ever visiting the place. I got there early, with the intention to get my barcode keychain, tour the club and join a yoga class.

As much as I tried, I couldn’t get myself excited. The smell of rubber, cleaning products and bleach from the pool and jacuzzi, the sound of the weights falling on the floor or racks, the inspiring, colorful wall-sized posters, and I can’t even remember the music. Nothing seemed to impress me.

I got in the room for the yoga class. It was cold and the mats were worn down. Students started to arrive. One lady smiled to me and asked me if it was my first time. I said yes. She said the teacher was amazing while she saved a spot for a friend.

Her friend arrived and they started talking. She introduced me to her friend while the class started filling up, still enough space to avoid feeling crowded. The teacher arrived, a beautiful French yogi with the respective accent and body.

The class was gentle as the music she played, exactly what I was able to handle after not working out in so long. I was relieved, happy and grateful.

My instant friends invited me to join them on Saturdays for Zumba and Yoga after. “I’ll do my best to join you”, I said. I asked her names before I left. “I am Esperanza and she is Consuelo”. “What a beautiful pair of names!” I said.

Esperanza (Hope) and Consuelo (Solace) made my day and I have been thinking of them ever since. I am sure they are what I was looking for on and off the mat.

I found hope and solace at the gym yesterday. May you find what you need today.




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