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New Date Added for 2018 Vision Board Workshop in Miami: Saturday January 13th, 2018

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Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.13.58 AM

After selling out our first workshop we are back this Saturday January 13th!

If you would like to be part of this new Vision Board Workshop, please visit  and register now!
See you there!
Thanks for the support!


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Register Now: 2018 Vision Board Workshop!

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Welcome to my first workshop as a coach!
Thanks in advance for joining us and for sharing!
Sign up here:
Happy Holidays!
See you there! 


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The Eternal Transition

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By JT Gautreau

“We are prisoners in the present, locked in eternal transition between our past and our future” – Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Before I introduce myself, I wanted to show you this quote by Dr. Neil Tyson (Astrophysicist) because it’s incredibly relevant to my life which I’ll talk to you more about soon, but it’s also relevant to your life, yes, you reading me right now, no longer in your 20s but not yet in your 40s.

My name is JT, I’m a 34 year old singer-songwriter from the sunny and beautiful Dominican Republic. I currently live in Vienna, Austria; where the never-ending supply of schnitzels, wursts and beer is a constant threat to my weight especially now that I’m in my 30’s. But I didn’t start off as a singer-songwriter even though I’ve been playing instruments since I was a child. Like many children from third world countries you must study business, law, medicine or engineering, otherwise you are boycotting your future, but we’ll get to that soon.

I had a wonderful childhood filled with love, attention, the occasional smack in the ass by my mother and lots of toys. I was raised as an only child, you see, (own horn tooting alert!), a normal, non-spoiled one, I’d like to believe. My mother is a surgeon, my father a Psychology major/Marketing master and both of them are also Politicians. I know I ask myself the same question, how did I end up as a singer, in Vienna? As a teenager, I was always playing music, writing lyrics, humming songs, drawing marker tattoos all over my body and vicariously living through my favourite band’s music videos, yet I never really thought about dedicating my life to music, not in the real world at least, even though in my imagination I was a rock star.


After school I went to university and majored in Marketing, that was it, adulthood had begun and my dreams got locked in a closet somewhere near my guitar. I graduated with honors and flew to Spain to complete a Master’s degree in Advertising, my mom was proud. But while in Spain I started playing guitar again and recording some music and as simple as it became very clear to me what I wanted to do with my life. I called my mother and told her I was going to finish the master program, but I was going to play music and write songs for a living. As you might expect a huge argument followed, even breaking off communication for some days, but I was determined! (She later understood and has ever since been my number one supporter). I completed a master program in Audio Production and a Post-graduate degree in Audio Engineering in Barcelona.

I recorded my first album in 2012 titled ‘Hay Veces’, it was a compilation of songs in Spanish and it was a fantastic experience, seeing my work and concept materialise in the form of a CD was something else. In 2013 I married a beautiful Polish girl and we moved to Vienna because of a job opportunity and in 2014 I recorded my first album with all songs in English titled ‘Crossing’ and have been gigging all over the place since.


Now that I told you a bit about my story I’d like to talk to you about growth, the past, the present and the future. For a while I was hunted by regret, I regretted not devoting myself a hundred percent to music earlier on, I regretted the years I invested acquiring various degrees in business that I was not making any use of, I even regretted not putting my wishes and desires ahead of anything or anyone else. But as Dr. deGrasse said, in the transition between my past and my future, I’ve learned to let go of regret and realise that the only thing you can change is the present, and every day you should work towards the things that make you happy, even if you have to do some things that you don’t like, eventually as time moves on you’ll be left with the good memories and the joyous moments, plus I wouldn’t be where I am nor think the way I think if it wasn’t for everything that I did or did not do. I learned this a long time ago, but only in my 30s had I achieved enough maturity to understand it and embrace it.

Thank you for reading this piece and thank you to Laura for suggesting I write it and share it with all of you. If you’d like to listen to some of my music, visit my website and of course I’m on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as in iTunesSpotify, Apple Music.



About JT:

JT Gautreau was born in the Caribbean city of Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. Coming from a family of musicians and poets, took guitar at age 12 and singing at age 16 starting an obsession with music that lead him to interesting places all over the world including Barcelona, Spain where he got a degree in Music Production and Audio Engineering school in 2009. Back in Santo Domingo, he played in some of the most renowned stages and recorded his debut E.P., Hay Veces in 2012, an album with all songs in Spanish aimed to the Latin markets. In 2013, JT relocated back to Europe, this time to Vienna, Austria and recorded his debut E.P. in English titled Crossing, a compound of seven songs all written and recorded by JT. His songwriting ranges from acoustic soul to pop rock and RnB. With a unique performing style, he is a solo act who relies on an acoustic guitar and sometimes a loop pedal to entertain all types of audiences. There’s one word that describes JT’s live shows: ENTERTAINING. JT started a promotion tour from Crossing playing cities such as Warsaw, Krakow and Łódż in Poland, London in the U.K., and Vienna. More dates and cities are being constantly added to the growing promo tour for Crossing, so keep an eye out on the News section of his page


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How I Feel About Being in My Thirties

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By Sonia Young Yim


Here are some of the things that get better with age: wine, cheese, art piece, and designer handbags.

How about biological age? – I guess you can argue both ways.

Here are some benefits:

You have higher self-respect.

You are wiser in life.

You have a greater sense of well-being (*cough* money *cough*).

Or, perhaps, you are naturally better at things with more experience (sex anyone?).


But there are also some drawbacks:

You have more wrinkles.

You don’t lose weight as easily.

You keep on forgetting (what was I saying?…).

Or, perhaps, suddenly reading small print becomes a challenge.


So, what does it mean to be in your thirties?

Here’s what I really think — It doesn’t matter.

But this is what aging taught me:

In anything, there’s always a good side and a not-so-good side.

You can’t ever bring back your past no matter how much you delve on it.

You can’t reverse anything that already happened to you.

And, most importantly, if you can’t be happy today, you certainly won’t be happy in the future.


“The only time you really live fully is from thirty to sixty. The young are slaves to dreams; the old servants of regrets. Only the middle-aged have all their five senses in the keeping of their wits.” – Hervey Allen

So, let’s celebrate our thirties to the maximum — Shall we?


About Sonia Young Yim:

A wanna-be writer who’s still finding her voice. A once disgruntled employee who’s all about non-conformity. And a minimalist gal who advocates a life of simplicity. Please visit her blog to know more about her. And it’s her birthday today! Show her some love!


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Am I Doing My Best? Or, at least, Am I Doing My Part?

In Career, Family, Lifestyle, News, Quotes, Relationships, Spirituality on November 16, 2015 at 09:00


Now that I am in my thirties, I consider one of my personal quests to be slow to judge fellow human beings and their actions. As a result, I frequently abstain myself from giving an opinion, picking a side, incriminating, complaining and/or even celebrating some events, current topics or holidays.

These days, every time a situation or crisis arise and becomes a trending topic in media and offline conversations, I fight the temptation to express my first thoughts.  I do my best to inform myself first about the background of the story, wait until the individual or group in question claims responsibility and then, inspired by Pope Francis’ answer to a delicate question, ask myself:

Who Am I To Judge?

Am I doing my best?

…Or, at least, Am I doing my part to make it better?

As a daughter?

As a sister?

As a friend?

As a Dominican?

As a raised Catholic?

As a woman?

As a professional?

As a colleague?

As an aunt? As a niece? As a granddaughter? As a cousin? 

As an immigrant? As a Hispanic immigrant? 

As a wife?

As a daughter in law?

As an expat?

As a blogger?

As a stranger?

As a spiritual person? 

As a privileged human being?

As a citizen of this world?

Only when I am in peace with my own answers to those questions, I will allow myself to talk.

And the first thing I would like to say is:

How can I help?

Yours In Love & Service,


Image Credit: Jen B. Peters.

Thanks Jen for creating and authorizing the use of this beautiful image!


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International Life Day

In Career, Finances, Lifestyle, News, Quotes on March 8, 2015 at 00:01

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 1.57.36 PM

Since I was a little girl, I have always been a fan of calendars and all the special days marked on them. I love birthdays and anniversaries and I observe most holidays with respect.

I say “most” because for some reason that I attribute to how aging is benefiting my judgment, now I don’t feel the automatic urge to stand up and celebrate all holidays without at least reviewing their history and asking myself what I think about that topic in the present day.

March 8th is International Women’s Day. I will be forever grateful for the courage and sacrifices that women leaders have made to guarantee that I could have the choice to study, vote, and work among other fair rights. I know these are privileges that most women did not have until not long ago and that millions of not only women, but also men don’t have yet today due to social, political and economical reasons.

I thank those that demanded better conditions for my gender and it is inspiring to celebrate their achievements. However, I can’t forget that some women have been discriminated and oppressed, at some point those same women, even myself included, might have been oppressors and might have also discriminated against someone else for being less educated, poorer, darker, younger, foreign or another irrelevant fact such as being shorter or slower.

In this current world of quotas, consumerism and TV specials we celebrate at least three New Year’s days, human rights, historic moments of victories and losses, the birth and death of heroes, martyrs, saints or simply loved ones. Ironically enough, this year we even have Tax Day in the middle of Holy Week. The Earth has its own day, what about all its inhabitants?

It looks to me like we have plenty of days marked to celebrate our differences but none to celebrate what unites all of us without exception: LIFE. Being alive here and now along with all the other existing creatures.

I am not a Star Wars fan either; but, Life Day as a holiday was not a bad idea at all. Let’s celebrate life today and every single day remembering Socrates when he said: “It is not living that matters, but living rightly”.

What do you think?

Do you celebrate International Women’s Day?

What holidays do you celebrate?

Do you have mixed feelings about any holidays in particular?

I would love to read your comments!

Cheers from your Life Enthusiast*,


 *Borrowed from the most authentic Life Enthusiast, my friend Matt Hehn.


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2014 Won’t Be Over Until…

In Career, Family, Finances, Lifestyle, Quotes, Relationships, Spirituality on December 15, 2014 at 16:38

…I have the chance to catch up with all of you!

I have tons of things to tell you about. I am happy to let you know that I am back, charged with positivism, fresh ideas and newfound energy to share with you.

My last post was a bit melancholic and bittersweet. Thankfully, some time has passed since then.


That is why, without planning, I just had two great months, with the only downside of being away from you and the blogosphere. Thinking about you all day, but being respectful of the time and attention that my clients were paying for.

Business and family affairs took me to some of my favorite places on Earth. Ordinary but productive errands consumed the time in-between.


Or to those who pray I like to add. Love and magic reveal when we close our eyes, open our heart, express our wishes and take the time to observe humbly.

While we wait, there is still time to take a look at our goals for 2014 and give them a last try. We have fifteen more days to go, before we move them to the 2015 list. Never forget them, just reschedule.

Before we kiss 2014 goodbye, I am taking a moment to look back and think how I would like to remember 2014.

8 facts that I will never forget about this year:

  1. Marked the end of an era in my career.
  2. Kicked me out of my comfort zone.
  3. Inspired me to reconnect with my most genuine talents and ambitions.
  4. Reminded me the fragility of happiness.
  5. Taught me that if I want something to happen, I must be willing to do it myself.
  6. Challenged the resilience of my heart.
  7. Showed me how much I can give.
  8. Kept giving me reasons to be forever grateful.

That was my 2014.

How was yours?

What did you experience this year? What touched you? What did you learn?

How would you like to remember 2014?

Hope you had a meaningful one!

Here’s to us!


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Making the Best Out Of the Worst

In Career, Lifestyle, Quotes, Relationships, Spirituality on October 16, 2014 at 09:18

Remember that post where I told you everything about my 32nd birthday?

It’s been almost two months. A lot has happened since then. 

Some great moments: I enjoyed the enriching and humbling experience of volunteering at TEDxManagua. After a long work hiatus, four exciting projects with brands that I love came my way. Had a quiet but nice celebration for our 5th year anniversary. I reblogged a beautiful and touching post by Edna Medina. Thanks to a dear friend, I managed to sell my ticket to the Oprah Life You Want Tour to a person that will benefit from it a lot more than me, therefore I am now 100% guilt-free to attend my cousin’s wedding abroad next week.

And then, the inevitable hurt showed up without the request of its presence. My entire life has been shaken. Some of my wildest nightmares have given me a taste of how it would feel if they ever come true. “Wake Me Up When September Ends” became my mantra. Contemplating my fears, choosing love while fighting the impulse to make decisions based on conventional wisdom, pride or the wrong fantasies.

Would you like to know the best part?

It’s been all worth it. 

I am grateful for having the mindfulness, self-awareness, imagination, will, and strength to look for and pick the right tools to deal with pain.

I am thankful for the love and support that come from the cherished usual suspects and thankful to find the same as well in the least expected hearts.

I am amazed to confirm the healing powers of giving back. Even in our saddest moments, we can make somebody happy and that itself will make us happy back. God is in the details.

I realize that I have received so much love in my life that I only have love to give. And that makes me humble and better, vulnerable and strong, at the same time.

Quoting one of my wisest friends: 


Thank God for everything.

Always blessed,


P.S.:  Do you relate to any of these feelings? Have you ever felt like this? Opening up your heart and sharing what’s inside helps wonders too. I would love to hear from you, just comment below and encourage your friends to do the same!

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“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow”

In Career, Contributors, Family, Health, Lifestyle, Quotes, Relationships, Spirituality on May 16, 2014 at 09:00


By Carolina Santurian

The thirties, the 3rd floor, “la flor de la edad”, whatever you may call it, I am sure it represents more than a number to every woman. As we approach this age, I believe most of us find ourselves in a state of anxiety that we have not experienced before. We all get too concerned thinking how we are going to keep up with society standards and prototypes. We are leaving our fabulous twenties to start a “new life” in our thirties. Supposedly, at this age is when we make money, when our professional careers need to go uphill rapidly, when the period of time to have kids becomes shorter every day; that’s assuming you have already found the love of your life and have gotten married. Ufffffff, it is so overwhelming. From my perspective, I don’t think I fit there.

When I was kid I use to see people in their thirties as old people. I couldn’t picture myself at that age. However, if I tried I would see myself married at the maximum age of twenty-seven, and I knew I wanted to be a young mom. Today, I am thirty-two and none of these has happened yet. I still want to get married, that is the one thing I dream of everyday; having kids, well, that’s on another level. Don’t get me wrong; I love kids, you will understand as you read.

I am originally from Argentina and I moved to the U.S. in 2002. I graduated cum laude at Barry University with a Major in Advertising. During my college years I met wonderful people who have become close friends. I had the opportunity to work at MTV Latin America, which still sounds like a dream to me. Last year I also became a Realtor. Honestly, I never ever thought I would be capable of moving to a country so far away from mine and earning a degree in a different language. But here I am, after all!

At the sweet age of twenty-eight, when I was about four days away from a trip to Europe with one of my sisters, my cousins, my mom and grandma, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the moment the doctor gave me the results in front of my dad and my boyfriend, with no “anesthesia”, in the coldest way one can speak to a human being, I literally froze. I sat down and the first thought that came into my mind was: I am going to die. My dad’s reaction was quite the reaction of a dad who is seeing his little girl suffer, in fact, it was that times 17. All he wanted to do was to punch him in the face, HARD. My boyfriend, on the other side, reacted in a more practical way. He started asking what we needed to do to get rid of it. In the meantime, I remained silent. Long story short, he wanted to perform a double mastectomy. That’s when my dad asked him for all the results and we GTFO of there. I then spoke on the phone with my gynecologist in Argentina and we decided to fly the day after just to see him. In less than ten days, I had a lumpectomy; it wasn’t necessary to remove the breast, only the lump. As soon as I recovered from surgery I came back to the U.S. for treatment. I went through eight rounds of chemo followed by six weeks of radiation.

As I look back, and I don’t like to brag about it, I think of how brave I was. I lost my long red hair, my eyebrows, my lashes, I gained so much weight, I felt so tired and nauseous, but I still managed to beat cancer. Needless to say, what kept me alive was love. The love from my family, my boyfriend, my dog and my friends did wonders in my healing process. I don’t think I’d be writing here today if it wasn’t for them. Despite the immense sorrow of seeing me go through that, they would still put their best face everyday and stayed by my side when I needed them most. My dad even shaved his head to make me feel better. One of my friends has donated her hair twice in my honor to make wigs for the people fighting cancer; my dog would lick my bald head every morning in the innocent attempt to make my hair grow back I think. My mom, she gave up her life in Argentina for six months to be unconditionally by my side, and my sisters, there are no words that can describe what they mean to me, they are my most precious treasure. Now, my boyfriend, he is the one who saved my life, not only because he was the one who found out I had a lump but because he is the man of my dreams, the one who deals with my extremely hot temper, the one who makes me laugh, the one who loves me and my dog like no one else does, the one who does everything to make me happy, the one who I know I will marry one day.

All in all, you must be thinking now of the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Well, let me tell you, having been diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of twenty-eight and being alive to tell the story, one can say I am a tough cookie. However, I now find myself way more sensitive, and vulnerable than before. I don’t know if it’s the cancer or the thirties, or something else, but my heart feels a lot softer. My respect, compassion and love for animals have grown immensely, not to mention the dream of some day owning a huge farm where I can take care of all the animals that need a loving home. I also feel much more nostalgic, I am not a big fan of the passing of time. For me, time flies, and it is not a cliché. So that is one of the things I learned from what I have experienced; life was created to be lived, to do the things we love and enjoy every minute of it. My grandfather used to say this to me all the time: “Problems are part of life, some are bigger than others but they will always accompany you wherever you go”. The trick here is to give the right amount of importance to each of them, and that is something I am working on daily. I am a very anxious person, and I tend to worry about things before they even happen. I’ve been like that since a long time ago so I know that changing the way I think will be a life-long endeavor.

As a breast cancer survivor, with no history of breast cancer in my family, I would like to mention that I now strongly believe in the connection of the mind and body. Fear, anger, hate, envy are feelings that take us to no good place. With this, I mean that my cancer was something brought about by repressed feelings from my childhood, which is a whole different story, and also by the way I used to look at life. We are what we think; I am positive about that. Your mind can either save you or kill you.

To conclude my story, I want to tell you that I got my hair back, that I was able to go on that Euro trip a year later, that I am still the hot temper redhead I used to be but with the ultimate goal of becoming a person filled with inner peace in order to embrace all the good things God has put in my way. I look forward to traveling the world, as that is what I love the most and to live my life with passion. James Dean once said: “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow”. From now on, that will be my motto.

Let the thirties look good on you or better said, let you look good on your thirties!!!



About Carolina:

Born and raised in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Moved to Miami, FL in 2002 and have lived there since then. She has a passion for animals and strongly support the cause to stop their abuse. Her family, boyfriend, dog and friends are the most important thing to her. Her ultimate goal is to travel the world and live a happy healthy life. 


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