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New Date Added for 2018 Vision Board Workshop in Miami: Saturday January 13th, 2018

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Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.13.58 AM

After selling out our first workshop we are back this Saturday January 13th!

If you would like to be part of this new Vision Board Workshop, please visit  and register now!
See you there!
Thanks for the support!


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Meet Ineabelle from Artsy Hive

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By Ineabelle Soto

Photo Oct 26 5 00 25 PM

Back in Puerto Rico, I studied in a specialized, middle and high, school of arts. After graduating from college with a bachelor degree in advertising, I worked for 10 years in the advertising field and stopped when I gave birth to my daughter. But I felt the urge to go back to my creative side. I took a brief cake design course and started baking from home (@dulcelabakery). Even though it was something fun to do and business was good (and surprisingly growing), my husband and I felt that we needed to do something bigger than that.

artsy hive 07082017-9

When looking for that “big thing to do”, my husband and I started developing what’s today Artsy Hive. With our background in the arts, we started exploring the possibility of opening a business related to that. That’s when we thought of an experience we had in a pottery painting place we went with our daughter and thought of the things we would do differently. Pottery painting is an old concept and we felt that the options out there stayed in that old fashion era. When deciding to go for this concept, we wanted people of all ages to get inspired from the moment they stepped in, we wanted clients to feel comfortable in a space that is not only for kids, but for the entire family and all ages. Therefore, while designing the environment, we went for a clean, modern yet cozy shop.


We designed a place that we, as parents, wanted to come back not only with our family, but also with our adult friends.


It took us a year and a half to open our doors. With many good and bad days, stress and huge decisions to make. My biggest satisfaction and the second best feeling I have every day (the first one is when my daughter is back from school) is to open Artsy Hive‘s door, turn on the lights and put the music on. I always take a moment to see what we’ve accomplished. The beauty of the space. I feel in love every single day I come in. If we worked so hard to open, we must work harder to keep it that way, one day at a time.

Artsy Hive has taught me that I am brave. It is not easy to step out of the comfort zone. To wake up every day worried about how this project will change our lives forever and yet keep going forward. I learned it is not a decision to be brave, I learned it’s in you. 

I am a woman, daughter, granddaughter, wife, mother, friend, entrepreneur, creator, immigrant, active community member, among many other dimensions. I decided not to wear different hats. I won’t stop being a mother to be a wife, I won’t stop being a friend to be a woman. The best way to go in life is to apply every single facet in your everyday. While working at Artsy Hive, and in life in general, you must have empathy. All those facets we have as women we have to use them all in the best way we can. If there is a mom struggling to control her toddler, I would never step back and watch. I will always offer my help and understanding. That’s how I manage my multiple facets, using empathy, being humble and just being human. That’s also how I make connections with our clients. It’s a win-win.


Now that Artsy Hive is open, my hobby is to find things we can do with my daughter, spend our ‘free’ time with her. Although, I still have a passion to create things with my hands. When I am only me, Ineabelle, I’m at home and I lay down. I can’t nap, I don’t know why,  I like to just lay down. Netflix and chill, literally. I rest. As simple as that.

Many things have happened and are still happening during the journey of my 30s. I believe that it’s been a decade full of findings. My daughter was born when I was almost 30. Not only my purpose in life changed because of  her, but also my mind shifted.

artsy hive 07082017-12

I now think that this is the real age to make bold decisions and still have the stamina, energy and passion to do it (contrary to when I was in college). I thought that having a baby would stop me from doing something that felt right to be done. Fear, doubts, concerns, you name it, I feel it all, but still manage to do everything with them. I did it with fear, I did it with doubts and concerns. This is my mindset. I believe that in your 30s, you are mature enough to visualize yourself in a position and manage to plan the best way to achieve it. Only maturity can make you do that. I call it “the planned risks”.

My tips for another thirty-something doing it all like me?

  1. Work for what’s right and for what feels right.
  2. Find your Passion. Everything you do, do it with Passion.
  3. I invite everyone to start a relationship with HIM. In my 30s, I received the call and decided to obey. That decision, changed my entire life for the best. I’m not a religious person, I just have a relationship with our creator.
  4. You are awesome, you are amazing, you are a super woman and you are not alone. I’m here.


211 NE 95th St. Miami Shores, FL 33138


P.S.: Artsy Hive is the beautiful location for our Vision Board Workshop on January 6th, 2018. One week left to take advantage of Early Bird price! Register NOW here! Thanks for joining us and thanks Ineabelle for having us!



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Register Now: 2018 Vision Board Workshop!

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Welcome to my first workshop as a coach!
Thanks in advance for joining us and for sharing!
Sign up here:
Happy Holidays!
See you there! 


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Let’s Work Together!

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Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.22.05 AM

Thank You for Considering the Possibility of Working Together!

I Can Help You with:


Would you like to become partners in a thought-provoking and creative process that will inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential and produce fulfilling results?

I promise to listen deeply, to observe completely, and to customize my heart-centered approach to your individual needs, that way we can grow and harvest the seeds that God already put inside you.

I am currently training to be a Certified Professional Coach with the University of Miami, an Accredited Program by the International Coach Federation.

Please contact me to schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to meet and decide if we would be great partners!



I’d Love to Talk with You About Brand Collaborations, Advertising & Sponsorships if I Deeply Know and Love your Brand.

Please contact me and we will decide together the most organic way to support each other!



Do You Like My Voice?

I Can Lend it to You, Your Brand and/or Your Organization!

I am a freelance Bilingual Writer & Speaker about diverse topics such as:

Positive Lifestyle | Wellness & Beauty | Inspiration, Motivation & Empowerment  Relationships | Self-Love | Education | Women’s Interests | Spirituality | Blogging | Travel | Work-Life Balance 

Please contact me for samples and availability.



Public Relations | TV & Events Production Management | Marketing

I am a Multi-Passionate & Creative Communications Professional and Consultant with diverse work experience and an excellent track record that spans several cities in the United States and Latin America.

I have had the privilege of working with large and heterogeneous groups in multicultural environments for more than a decade, that has helped me develop strong communications and project management skills, and most importantly, I have managed to gain the trust of countless clients and colleagues.

Please check my LinkedIn profile for more on my career and please don’t hesitate to contact me for your future projects.



I learn and share blogging tips on The Blogger Union, please find below my latest posts:

What Should I Name My Blog

The Benefits of Joining a Mastermind


Thanks in advance!

In Gratitude and Service,



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Recibiendo Un Nuevo Ciclo

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Foto 1

Por Alfonsina Ferreira

A sólo unos días de celebrar la llegada de un nuevo año de vida, “My shining 39” como he escogido llamar a este nuevo ciclo, he vuelto a leer las páginas que con el corazón desnudo, el alma llena de fe y cada célula de mi cuerpo repleta del más grande amor divino, escribí durante lo que fueron tal vez los meses más intensos que he vivido, pero al mismo tiempo, los más enriquecedores, reveladores y trascendentales.

Y al leer estas páginas, brotan de mis ojos lágrimas llenas de emoción, y llegan a mí los recuerdos de que fue justo un año atrás, en estos días en los que el calendario marca el inicio del mes que me vio nacer, donde me preparaba física, mental, emocional y espiritualmente para el momento que marcaría un renacer en mi vida: La cirugía con la que pondría punto final a mi batalla “contra el cáncer”. Y utilizo comillas al mencionar esto porque más que contra el cáncer, la “batalla” que libré fue contra mí misma…contra mi ego, contra mis paradigmas, mis creencias erradas, contra las conversaciones que no me apoyaban y sobretodo contra todo aquello que me alejaba de encontrar mi mejor versión, mi esencia, mi verdadero SER.

Desde entonces, tantas cosas han pasado: Milagros esperados, bendiciones insospechadas, inmensurables manifestaciones del más genuino y puro amor, y el asomo en el horizonte de un nuevo futuro que va más allá de lo que jamás pude imaginar.

Hoy, a sólo unos días de comenzar el último ciclo de mis “treintas”, camino por el sendero de la vida con el corazón repleto del más profundo agradecimiento, dando inicio a un nuevo y excitante capítulo en el libro de mi vida, colmado de grandes ilusiones, planes, ideas, sueños, metas, pero sobre todo, de un nuevo propósito: ¡¡¡SER!!!

Foto 2

Sí, sólo eso, SER…

Ser  lo que quiera Ser, sin hacer caso de esas vocecitas que ocasionalmente aparecen y me dicen que no puedo…

Ser lo que pueda Ser, dejando a un lado los agotadores e insuficientes esfuerzos de querer “encajar”, “agradar” y “complacer” a cualquier persona menos a mí misma…

Pero más que nada, Ser lo que vine a Ser: Luz, amor, paz, contribución…recordando siempre el inmenso privilegio que es poder abrir mis ojos cada mañana, respirar y darme cuenta de que la vida me ha concedido una nueva oportunidad: El regalo de vivir un nuevo día.


Febrero 2, 2016

Sobre Alfonsina:

Nació en Santo Domingo en el seno de una familia amorosa, mostrando desde pequeña su interés por servir y contribuir. Con más de veinte años de experiencia en el área de banca y negocios y una maestría en Administración de Empresas, actualmente se desempeña como Directora de Negocios Corporativos de un Grupo Financiero Multinacional.

Al cumplir sus treinta años inició una jornada de búsqueda y crecimiento personal a través de talleres de transformación y liderazgo que la inspiraron a obtener una certificación en Coaching IAC Coaching Masteries avalada por la International Association of Coaches, así como también a certificarse como Entrenadora Transformacional en la academia LTDG (Leadership Training & Development Group).

A los 37 años enfrentó lo que sería el reto más grande de su vida: El diagnóstico de cáncer de mama, situación que abrazó y recibió como la oportunidad de reinventarse y de sacar el mayor aprendizaje posible. Un año más tarde y totalmente recuperada y renovada, inició una certificación como Health Coach con el Integrative Institute for Nutrition, de New York, con la finalidad de poder compartir su experiencia de sanación y apoyar a los demás a crear bienestar, amor y felicidad en sus vidas. Puedes ver más de Alfonsina a través de su página de Facebook 101 Happy Healthy Ways. ¡Hoy es su cumpleaños! ¡La pueden felicitar por aquí!

Crédito Fotos: Silvani Hernández


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I Don’t Need New Year’s Resolutions. This Is Why.

In Lifestyle, News, Spirituality on January 4, 2016 at 11:44

This post is an adapted excerpt from our upcoming book, ‘Now That I Am in My Thirties’. I would appreciate your constructive feedback. Stay tuned for the launch!


Years ago, I found myself writing my New Year’s Resolutions. I was twenty-seven, newlywed, trying to position a boutique communications agency. I felt it was the perfect time to put in order all the areas in my life. I wrote a long and explicit list. After reading it over and over for a full year, I realized I was not only planning for a year, I was planning for a decade therefore I didn’t write any resolutions for the following year, and decided to stick to my decade-long plan.

2012 was different, because I was turning thirty. Revising my previous resolutions with the intention of updating them, not to balance them out, I understood I had not only planned for one or two years or a decade, I had planned for a lifetime.

I did have a lot of goals, but surprisingly, they were not exceptionally ambitious, and they didn’t have a deadline. It was not a checklist or a bucket list. Fortunately, most of them were life changing, but within reach: Maintenance for my soul as they were all toward a simpler, better and happier life as a grown up woman.

Therefore, for my thirtieth birthday, the only amendment done was consolidating all my goals, into one: Endeavor myself fully and devote my life to what matters most to me now.

I knew I was not the only one looking at life differently during this time. Friends from all around the world were invited to share their own experiences getting closer to thirty and being 30+/up to thirty-nine. This blog was set up. Research had to be done. Expert Contributors were approached. I never imagined such positive and massive response. Yet a book was not on anybody’s list; it emerged as part of this inspiring collective breakthrough.

This is not a travel blog, but it is a real life road trip “story”. We write nonfiction, even though some of the topics and changes we experience in our thirties sounded like fiction for us not long ago. It’s not biographical even though many true-life stories are told here, including mine and yours. Now that I am a thirtysomething year old, my goal is for us to use this blog and upcoming book as a reference to understand and embrace better what we are going through. I hope you find it somehow informational but I am not trying to persuade you in any wayit’s not a procedure manualit’s just a pure narrative: Personal experiences running our life all the way to our thirties and beyond!

2016 is in our hands now.

Let’s make it the year that we BECOME our BEST selves.

I am in.

Hope you are too.

Who loves you tons?


P. S.: What about you? What are your New Year’s Resolutions? We’d love to know and support you all the way!


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Oración de Año Nuevo

In En Español, Spirituality on December 31, 2015 at 09:00

Señor, Dios, dueño del tiempo y de la eternidad,

tuyo es el hoy y el mañana, el pasado y el futuro.

Al terminar este año quiero darte gracias

por todo aquello que recibí de TI.

Gracias por la vida y el amor, por las flores,

el aire y el sol, por la alegría y el dolor,

por cuanto fue posible y por lo que no pudo ser.

Te ofrezco cuanto hice en este año,

el trabajo que pude realizar y las cosas que pasaron por mis manos

y lo que con ellas pude construir.

Te presento a las personas que a lo largo de estos meses tanto amé:

a mi familia, a las amistades nuevas y las amistades de antaño,

los más cercanos a mí y los que estén más lejos,

los que me dieron su mano y aquellos a los que pude ayudar,

con los que compartí la vida, el trabajo, el dolor y la alegría.

Pero también, Señor hoy quiero pedirte perdón,

perdón por el tiempo perdido, por el dinero mal gastado,

por la palabra inútil y el amor desperdiciado.

Perdón por las obras vacías y por el trabajo mal hecho,

y perdón por los momentos que viví sin entusiasmo.

También por la oración que poco a poco fui aplazando

y que hasta ahora vengo a presentarte.

Por todos mis olvidos, descuidos y silencios,

nuevamente te pido perdón.

Quiero vivir cada día con optimismo y bondad,

llevando a todas partes un corazón lleno

de comprensión, caridad y paz.

Cierra Tú mis oídos a toda falsedad y mis labios a palabras mentirosas,

egoístas, mordaces o hirientes.

Abre en cambio mi ser a todo lo que es bueno.

Que mi espíritu se llene sólo de bendiciones y las derrame a mi paso.

Cólmame de bondad y de alegría para que,

cuantos conviven conmigo o se acerquen a mí

encuentren en mi vida un poquito de TI.

Danos un año feliz en el que Tú seas el principio y el fin,

en el cual sepamos ver las gracias que Tú nos regalas

a través de las manos de María, Tu Madre,

y enséñanos a repartir la felicidad que sólo proviene de ti.


Fuente: Email de Rosy-Grupo Mariposas de Emaus


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Am I Doing My Best? Or, at least, Am I Doing My Part?

In Career, Family, Lifestyle, News, Quotes, Relationships, Spirituality on November 16, 2015 at 09:00


Now that I am in my thirties, I consider one of my personal quests to be slow to judge fellow human beings and their actions. As a result, I frequently abstain myself from giving an opinion, picking a side, incriminating, complaining and/or even celebrating some events, current topics or holidays.

These days, every time a situation or crisis arise and becomes a trending topic in media and offline conversations, I fight the temptation to express my first thoughts.  I do my best to inform myself first about the background of the story, wait until the individual or group in question claims responsibility and then, inspired by Pope Francis’ answer to a delicate question, ask myself:

Who Am I To Judge?

Am I doing my best?

…Or, at least, Am I doing my part to make it better?

As a daughter?

As a sister?

As a friend?

As a Dominican?

As a raised Catholic?

As a woman?

As a professional?

As a colleague?

As an aunt? As a niece? As a granddaughter? As a cousin? 

As an immigrant? As a Hispanic immigrant? 

As a wife?

As a daughter in law?

As an expat?

As a blogger?

As a stranger?

As a spiritual person? 

As a privileged human being?

As a citizen of this world?

Only when I am in peace with my own answers to those questions, I will allow myself to talk.

And the first thing I would like to say is:

How can I help?

Yours In Love & Service,


Image Credit: Jen B. Peters.

Thanks Jen for creating and authorizing the use of this beautiful image!


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Why do Indian wives turn frigid in their thirties?

In Family, Great Articles Found Doing Research, Lifestyle, News, Relationships, Spirituality on September 4, 2015 at 09:00

Indian wives

News Today by Nagpur Today

Some months ago I was interviewing sex workers from Ganga Jamuna red light area of Nagpur, whom the police and local authorities were trying their best to evict from their homes. First of all, tenants – naturally women of the same profession – were made to leave their rented homes with some legal excuse. Then ‘customers’ who dared venture into the area were beaten up with lathis and cursed roundly. (I saw this scene with my eyes and it was recorded by our cameras. When I asked if there was curfew in the area that anyone seen on the roads was being lathi charged they finally withdrew).

It was then that this not-so-young – woman said something to me I will not forget:

”Didi, what will happen to society if we stop doing what we do? Our customers might be men, but it is the Nagpur wives whom we provide a service to! they do not want to have sex with their husbands, so they come to us. If we are not there, they will get beaten, thrashed and then raped. Violence in households will increase a hundred times.”

While I was ruing over this statement, two married guy friends made sad confessions to me that their wives had stopped having any interest in sex since many years… they had seen counselors, they had seen even sexologists, but nothing had helped. Their marriage was on the rocks, actually it was over. The only reason they made a pretense of being together was for the sake of the children.

First I thought they were exceptions, not all married couples could be like that?! Then I did some research on the internet and spoke to some gynecologists and the result shocked me.

There was general consensus that over 1/3rd i.e. approx 67% of Indian wives lose interest in having sex with their husbands. Quite a few of them have never liked ‘doing the act’ to begin with! They ‘give in’ till they have kids, and then motherhood and the ‘needs of the baby’ become a standard excuse to not have sex at all.

So what are the main reasons wives turn sex-unfriendly?

-Society and parental conditioning – For decades our films have conveyed the message that only vamps are sexy and sultry. “Good and virtuous women” do not expose their bodies, do not have ‘dirty thoughts’ and have pure minds and bodies. They only sing love ballads for Gods.

-Girls are never imparted sex education properly, even upto the time they get married. They always learn about it from wrong sources and often develop a distaste for it even before experiencing it.

-In our arranged marriage system, the engaged-to-be-married couple are seldom given a chance to get to know each other better before being thrown into the marital bed together. Forget the girls, even the guys are not counselled about how to treat a wife, with love and gentleness so that she will open up to you naturally and willingly. Sometime the ‘first night’ experience will scar a young woman for life.

-Even when the two have known each other and it has been a ‘love marriage’ there are factors that hinder intimacy like over crowded Indian homes and lack of privacy; the Indian family system where even grown up children sleep with their mothers/ parents and the mother is always afraid of the child/ children waking up at the ‘wrong time’. This condition of an Indian woman has been very well expressed in a Sanskrit shloka which I used to think glorified womanhood till the real significance hit me. “Woman is a wife momentarily but a mother eternally” it says.

-Fear of pregnancy. In most Indian couples it is upto a woman to practise family planning. She can take the pill, wear a Copper T or go in for an abortion if an ‘accident’ occurs. Husbands do not like wearing condoms, and many women resent it too since it leads to erosion and injury specially when sex is forced upon them when they are not ready or aroused enough.

-And finally, it is the attitude of men that puts wives off this intimate and loving act. They treat sex with wife as their birthright will claim it for physical gratification not realizing that for a woman it is her emotional needs that have to be fulfilled too… in short, they want foreplay.

So what is the end result?

-Many married women suffer from psychosomatic disorders, which show up as physical ailments. Like body ache, headache, migraines, general weakness and an apathy towards everything. These complains become further excuses for not having sex.

-Frustrated husbands can take to staying out, drinking, and finally patronizing sex workers.

-Physical abuse of a wife will increase and the man may also end up suspecting her of infidelity and having a lover on the side.

Unfortunately, this fear is sometime not unfounded.

If you have read between the lines well, the significant expression is ‘frigid towards husbands’.

Women are also creatures of the flesh and do have desires and sex instincts. It is one of the most powerful natural desires.

When a woman will not find it in her marital bed, she can as easily stray as any man.

Facebook and the ease of interaction through social media like Whatsapp, even messaging has made it very easy for strangers to connect.

There are many Lotharios who ‘specialize’ in identifying and hunting down lonely women and giving them all the (fake) romance they want. Towards one goal only – getting them in bed for their vicarious pleasures.

Sometime, as shown in the movie “BA Pass” an ambitious woman will herself snare a young man and use him “commercially” by lending him out to her friends as well.

In extreme conditions, this sexual frustration also leads to horrendous sex crimes where again unfortunately the law is applied quite lop lopsidedly.

Men who are genuine rapists will get away but a man and a woman who have had sex with mutual consent are always suspect in the eyes of society and even our police and our courts.

Thus after some months/ years of an affair, if an adult woman goes and complains that the man has ‘exploited’ her sexually with the promise of marriage, or a role in a film a modeling assignment or even a job, the guy is accused of ‘Rape’. There are well known cases where such guys are behind bars for 6-7 years already.

So what is the solution?

We need as a society to acknowledge that a problem exists and only being more open, liberal and informed about it we can solve it.

We are the country where ‘Kamsutra’ was written for God’s sake but now we have allowed narrow religious notions and conditioning to consider sex as something ‘dirty’ and unwanted. We need to break out of this mind set and learn to enjoy life and matrimony in all its glory and potential rather than treating it as a punishment!

…Sunita Mudaliar

Source: Why do Indian wives turn frigid in their thirties? – Nagpur Today: Nagpur News


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