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Laura Sgroi


A Certified Coach & Speaker after a successful career as a communications and entertainment professional, Laura Sgroi now hopes to cultivate her writing talents and launch a book about her thirties.

Laura’s vast resume includes freelance production work with such prestigious industry names as MTV Networks, Univision, MTV Latin America, and Fox Sports International among others. She has played a fundamental role in major internationally broadcast productions, including the Latin Grammy Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards, Univision’s Premio lo Nuestro, and the Fox Sports Awards. In addition to her experience in live television, Laura has also freelanced for television commercial shoots and reality TV shows.

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Laura obtained a Masters’ degree in Corporate Communications and Public Relations from Universitat de Barcelona, Spain in 2008. She previously graduated from INTEC with a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Marketing in 2002, obtained in the Dominican Republic. She also participated in local classical ballet and theater productions and received professional training for television and radio news broadcasting. Here in the States, she has been taking Acting and Public Speaking classes and she has been able to showcase her talent as a freelance host/reporter for Entertainment TV shows. Laura speaks fluent English, Spanish, and Italian.

Laura lives in Miami, FL with her husband Claudio and their son and she enjoys traveling and celebrating life, love and friendship with her family and friends.


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  1. Laura has been an inspiration for a lot of her friends during her life and now she will also be for thousands of people after her book comes out. Her sense of life and humor and her willingness to listen and help others saying the right thing at the right moment every time you need it is the most generous gift that someone can have and Laura not only owns it but shares it with everybody around her with no limitation. For bringing hope, support and courage to many people, including me, I believe that this book will be not only a success but also a tool of happiness for everybody who read it. I just can’t wait!


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