Insights and Expert Advice for this Decade and Beyond

On my thirtieth birthday, I set out to explore what this decade of life means and how best to celebrate it. I knew I was not the only one thinking about life differently at this age. I invited friends from all around the world to share their own experiences on life in our thirties. I set up a blog. I researched. I found expert contributors who could shed some light on the questions and opportunities unique to our thirties. I never imagined such an overwhelmingly positive response. Though a book was not on anybody’s list, it emerged as part of this inspiring collective breakthrough.

I’m no expert, but just like you, I am living through the inspiration, insights, and issues we explore in the coming pages, and I’m happy to be your confidant as we help those of us who dreaded our thirties to see them as a time of self-discovery and growth.

I wrote this book along with thirty+ friends as an invitation to start a conversation.

Please join us.