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As a message of hope, no matter where you are in your health or fertility journey, please know that anything is possible. My baby and I are living proof.

As a certified coach who learned the hard way that this is one of the biggest concerns of our generation, I’m honored to share my successful approach in a bilingual 90-Day Natural Fertility Coaching Program.

This program offered in English and Spanish will guide and support those couples and individuals trying to conceive naturally or assisted and also those trying to preserve their fertility for as long as possible.

90-Day Natural Fertility Coaching Program

Become more fertile in only 90 days by making lifestyle choices and mindset shifts on a personalized, supportive, and non-invasive program tailored to your daily needs while you save energy, time, money, and tears of frustration.

Whether you think you have tried it all or you don’t know where to start, if you are trying to get pregnant, this is for you.

In this bilingual 90-Day Natural Fertility Coaching Program, I will partner with you, inspiring you to make and sustain the positive lifestyle changes and mindset shifts that can maximize your fertility potential, empowering you as a patient and offering nurturing accountability while you work on improving your chances to conceive naturally or assisted.

Through daily support and weekly coaching this program will transform you, helping you gain clarity and confidence in your fertility journey, while making you feel more emotionally and physically connected to your body, your mind, your partner, and to your heart.

What Do They Say About the Program?

"Laura was of great help when my husband and I started trying to conceive. She gave us support before, during and after the process not only by sharing valuable resources- including research, books and recommendations of many natural and organic products, but also by guiding us in changing some lifestyle habits to help us improve our chances to succeed- and we certainly did!"
Queens, NY
"Laura's unconditional support and knowledge was one of the most valuable things that happened to me after my first loss. I managed to understand the importance of eating well, resting, and disconnecting from everyday life and that can naturally lead you to achieving your dreams, in this case, my son, a healthy and happy baby who is now 7 months old."
Cori Borberg
Miami, FL
"Going through a fertility journey is scary enough, trying to conceive after 40 can be terrifying! With Laura by our side, we were able to understand how modifying certain habits could be a game changer and having her closely coaching us through the process we were able to conceive naturally! We will forever be grateful to her and feel so fortunate to have been able to get some of her vast knowledge on this incredible adventure that has made our family whole."
Burlington, ON, Canada

The 9 Essential Steps

The Supporting Structure

With your 90-Day Natural Fertility Coaching Program you will benefit from:

Embark on Your Fertility Journey with Personalized Coaching

Embrace the priceless satisfaction of knowing you're leaving no stone unturned on your path to parenthood. Save precious energy, time, money, and the tears of frustration with our tailored fertility coaching services.

Navigating the emotional and financial burdens of fertility challenges can feel overwhelming. Drawing from personal experience, I understand the weight carried by intended parents. That's why our 90-Day Natural Fertility Coaching Program offers accessible options and flexible payment plans.

Option 1:

Fertility Coaching
Call Packages

(Up to 90 minutes per call)

Option 2:

90-Min Fertile Lifestyle
and Mindset

Option 3:

90-Day Natural Fertility
Coaching Program

Invest in the gift of a lifetime with our holistic coaching program

Let me hold your hand on this journey to parenthood


I help women and couples trying to conceive go from feeling frustrated, disappointed, confused, and overwhelmed to feeling empowered, informed, confident, prepared, and hopeful so that they maximize their fertility potential, while improving their chances to conceive naturally or assisted in only 90 days.

Yes, the 90-Day Natural Fertility Coaching Program is designed for individuals and/or couples. Besides maximizing your fertility potential, this will benefit and strengthen your relationship. There is no better start for a family than both partners getting ready together to become future parents.

The bilingual 90-Day Natural Fertility Coaching Program includes:

Complimentary Introductory Consultation:
First things first. The first step to join the 90-Day Natural Fertility Coaching Program is to connect via phone or video call from anywhere around the world, where I will learn more about your challenges and explore if this is the right program for you. Let’s talk!

Fertility Assessment & Goal-Setting Call:
A one-on-one coaching session to assess your needs, goals and next actionable steps to start improving your fertility potential right away and long-term 

90-minute Fertile Lifestyle and Mindset LIVE Kick-off Webinar (recording available after)
Join me as we go over The 9 Essential Steps with detailed information on the wealth of resources I tried, what worked, including new nourishing habits and changes in my overall lifestyle and mindset that prepared my body, mind, and spirit for optimal fertility and improved my chances to conceive naturally after being diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve at 32 (AMH 0.03/FSH 31).

Grab your pen, notebook, and water bottle and join us LIVE from the comfort of your home or enjoy the recording at your own convenience and as many times as you wish.

12 Weekly Live Coaching Calls
Your choice of one-on-one or group 60-minute phone or video coaching calls, you will share your updates of the week, answer your new questions, prepare for next action steps, and offer you nourishing accountability while you get clarity to navigate the options available ahead.

90 days of daily support and accountability in-between sessions via chat or email
Let’s connect directly via chat or email or join our Natural Fertility Coaching chat group to address your brief questions on daily struggles, concerns, doubts, share updates, and celebrate victories and milestones.

Personalized self-care routine & product and services recommendations:
You’ll receive personalized self-care and product/services recommendations you can implement immediately to support yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally in your fertility journey and beyond, while feeling positive and determined about your overall lifestyle and mindset.

Monthly newsletter with supporting articles and resources
A curated roundup of literature and actionable tips for enhancing your fertility, lifestyle, mindset and overall well-being.

Recorded affirmations
Each week I will send you a brief audio with affirmations to inspire, encourage, and empower a positive and fertile mental state.

Compassionate partnership and empathic community with others trying to conceive just like you
You can choose to connect only with me as your Natural Fertility Coach or join our circle of like-hearted individuals and couples and get supported by others in the same journey to parenthood.

Access to your choice of individual, couple, or group coaching
You can choose from individual, couple, and group coaching calls. All calls are confidential and restricted to the intended participants only. Your privacy is always respected.

Coaching in English, Spanish, or Italian
One-on-one calls can be done in English, Spanish, or Italian. The 90-Minute Fertile Lifestyle and Mindset Webinar will be offered separately in English and Spanish, and you will receive both recordings. You can join from anywhere around the world, I coach clients globally.