2021 Vision To Action Board Virtual Workshop benefitting Mental Health America

Start Time

11:00 am

January 24, 2021

Finish Time

1:00 pm

January 24, 2021



Led by certified coach & author Laura Sgroi in partnership with JoJo Burstein, donating 50% of proceeds to Mental Health America!

About this Event

Let´s make a difference together!

Back by popular demand and with a meaningful purpose beyond planning for ourselves!

This powerful Feel Your 2021 Vision-To-Action Board Virtual Workshop in partnership with JoJo Burstein from Needs For Beads, will donate 50% of proceeds to Mental Health America!

Mental Health America wants to provide people with assistance before they reach such critical points in their illness through immediate intervention upon early warning signs. This kind of intervention is crucial to preventing the progression of symptoms, and sometimes even helps to reverse them.

Are you ready for a better year? This is the time to plan for the 2021 you envision while you help destigmatize mental health!

Set the VISION for the year you want!

Led by professional coach Laura Sgroi, this powerful vision board virtual workshop offers two (2) hours of step-by-step virtual group coaching that will get you inspired to set goals for the individual and the professional you want to be in 2021 and focus on what’s important to get your vision off to a successful start!

Join online to create a collage of your vision and goals by taping up inspirational quotes, and pictures. It is a fun and creative way to celebrate the new year and make your resolutions and dreams more tangible and attainable while recycling your magazines and upcycling yourself!

Event Price Tiers:

⁠- $20: Step-by-step virtual coaching only, suggested Materials not included

– $40: Includes step-by-step virtual coaching and the following materials delivered to you (US only):

*Canvas Panel Boards


*Glue Stick

Not included in any price tier: Magazines and personal photos to personalize your board even more!

Join Us!


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Feel Your 2021 Vision Board Workshop benefitting Mental Health America
JoJo Burstein from Needs For Beads