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This Is What Turning 32 Looked Like…

In Family, Lifestyle, News, Relationships, Spirituality on August 28, 2014 at 09:00

An early email from that friend that is afraid of forgetting on the actual day. On the day of, a kiss and a hug in bed. Phone calls, Whatsapp messages, Skype calls, emails from all around the world, including that friend that messaged me from her honeymoon, making me feel so special after I missed her wedding just two days before. Automatic, cold but still somehow thoughtful marketing notes from my dentist, dermatologist office and an inspiring one from my college alumni association. A few Facebook posts “filtered” even though I chose to be the “only” one who can see my birth date there. LinkedIn sent a reminder to some friends, and I was happy to hear from them. Google made a doodle (Scary, signed out right away).

Beautiful flowers from the hubby and a wonderful gift from a friend, cooked an impromptu perfect dinner to enjoy with both of them.

Girls’ night “in” the next day, local friends arrived with flowers, wine, homemade pasta al pesto and vegan mango pie.

Reflecting on life’s lessons and challenges, surrounded by offline and virtual love during a voluntary incognito birthday in the exile.

Mixed feelings of loneliness, frustration, nostalgia, and overwhelming love.

Counting my blessings.

Grateful at heart.

Happy belated birthday to


P.S.: How did you spend your most recent birthday? What has been the most memorable one? Any plans for the next one? I’d love to know!


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Read…write…connect…One week to go!

In News on June 7, 2013 at 09:30

Hello friends!

Happy Friday!

Hope you are ready to enjoy the weekend!

In case you need some ideas to kick it off, we have some tips for you:

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Have the weekend of your dreams!

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