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Seeking for Expert Contributors to feature in “Now That I Am in My 30s”

In News on May 15, 2013 at 09:51

Thanks once again to our beloved contributors who have supported and written for “Now That I Am in my 30s” since the beginning of this journey!

The book will be finished soon and in order to offer the best advice on how to get started enjoying and living our 30s with the most fulfilling and rewarding approach we are going to feature Expert Contributors in Guest Pieces, interviews, quotes, testimonials, or case studies on the following topics:

-Health & Wellness






-Men in their 30s

-Being 30 through history and around the world

If you would like to recommend someone that you admire and follow or if you are a professional interested in  sharing your expertise with our audience while getting exposure being featured in the book, please contact us at

Thanks again for your attention and support!

Health and joy,


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