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How I Feel About Being in My Thirties

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By Sonia Young Yim


Here are some of the things that get better with age: wine, cheese, art piece, and designer handbags.

How about biological age? – I guess you can argue both ways.

Here are some benefits:

You have higher self-respect.

You are wiser in life.

You have a greater sense of well-being (*cough* money *cough*).

Or, perhaps, you are naturally better at things with more experience (sex anyone?).


But there are also some drawbacks:

You have more wrinkles.

You don’t lose weight as easily.

You keep on forgetting (what was I saying?…).

Or, perhaps, suddenly reading small print becomes a challenge.


So, what does it mean to be in your thirties?

Here’s what I really think — It doesn’t matter.

But this is what aging taught me:

In anything, there’s always a good side and a not-so-good side.

You can’t ever bring back your past no matter how much you delve on it.

You can’t reverse anything that already happened to you.

And, most importantly, if you can’t be happy today, you certainly won’t be happy in the future.


“The only time you really live fully is from thirty to sixty. The young are slaves to dreams; the old servants of regrets. Only the middle-aged have all their five senses in the keeping of their wits.” – Hervey Allen

So, let’s celebrate our thirties to the maximum — Shall we?


About Sonia Young Yim:

A wanna-be writer who’s still finding her voice. A once disgruntled employee who’s all about non-conformity. And a minimalist gal who advocates a life of simplicity. Please visit her blog to know more about her. And it’s her birthday today! Show her some love!


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Hi August, Please Come In!

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As I have mentioned before, since I was a little girl, I have always been a fan of calendars and all the special days marked on them. I love birthdays and anniversaries and that is just one of the reasons why August has always been THE month of the year. It is the one marked with my own holidays. The one that I was born in, and so did my dad, my younger sister, my cousins, my aunt and beloved friends. It was also the bittersweet last stretch of summer vacations when I was in school. Also, my first month in college. Years later, it was the month that I moved to the United States. The month that we got engaged. And the month that we chose for our wedding the following year.

No matter how rainy and sweaty it is in my hemisphere, August always comes with enough reasons to celebrate. No wonder it is “Happiness Happens Month”!


“…The dark, but hopeful side of uncertainty…”

Although this year I feel kind of blue at this time since some of my plans for August  fell through, other good news already arrived.

I am now looking forward to enjoying the unexpected, and embracing the dark, but hopeful side of uncertainty.

Dear August 2014, what else are you bringing with you?

No pressure, you have 31 days to unfold…

In the meantime, I’ll give you my bestBring it!

Your fan,


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“I don’t mind that 30 isn’t what I imagined it would be because I love where life has taken me”

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Susie Dantzig

By Susie Dantzig

 As a child, 30 was old.  Even when I got to college, I thought my 22-year-old RA was old, so 30 was ancient.  A 30 year old was a grown-up, someone with a nice paying job, a house, kids, and a person who others called “sir” or “ma’am.” Now that I am 30, I don’t feel the need to adhere to any pre-conceived notion of what I thought 30 should be. We’ll start with relationships first. I have been in a loving, committed relationship for almost five years. We live together, work together, play together, and have committed ourselves to each other in every way, but we feel absolutely no need to get married, let alone have kids, any time soon. We enjoy having the time and finances to go out to eat where we want, travel, train for races, play in the local orchestra, live in the city. The kids will come, but not for another five years or so, and we’ll enjoy each other in the meantime. I mentioned finances, so we’ll approach that and career status next. I went to a top ranked university and at times I feel like I haven’t been as successful professionally or financially as my colleagues. But I like to remind myself that while those goals are worthy to strive for, I have accomplished so much outside of the office. I’ve run three marathons, I’ve travelled the world, I am in the community orchestra, I have a master’s degree, and I am writing a book teaching children the violin. It might be a while before I rise above middle management at the office, but I love my job and I make a salary that affords me to take care of myself and enjoy the activities I’ve mentioned. I don’t mind that 30 isn’t what I imagined it would be because I love where life has taken me.  Who knows where I’ll be at 40, but if I’m as happy then as I am today then life will be good.

About Susie:

Author of “Val the Violin: A Violin Instruction Book for Players in Pre-School & Up”. Growing up in the D.C. area, Susie Dantzig earned a B.A. in Music and Biology from the University of Virginia and furthered her music education with a Master’s in Music Business from the University of Miami. She currently resides in D.C., working for a performing rights organization. 


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“Motherhood and my new decade have given me a sense of place, of happiness”

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By Manuela Frencia

Manuela Frencia

When I was twenty I used to say that life would go downhill after twenty-five (how pretentious of me!), I look back at my past decade and it’s like a blur of college parties, job hunting, dating, moving countless of times, and at the end trying to find my place in this world… as I think about it, the twenties were stressful, it was leaving childhood behind and becoming a grown up.

As I was approaching the dreaded thirties, I panicked a little bit, here I was, married with a small baby and with the body that goes with it (not the sexy post-partum body celebrities show off), I wasn’t the glamorous woman I thought I would be by now, but I was so much more than that, I was a mother.

So, what’s thirty for me? Thirties are dirty diapers and burping cloths, is waking up in the middle of the night to check if my boy is ok, is cooking three different lunches a day to see which one will be successfully eaten, it’s Fridays nights eating pizza and watching series on the DVR, it’s breastfeeding sessions, swimming lessons and play dates.

I might have changed my Prada bag for Chicco’s diaper bag, and my high heels for sneakers, lab coat for yoga pants, but honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing. Because the real changes in me where not the clothes or material things, it was inside, something clicked, and I was no longer trying to fit in, I was in my place, in the “zone” I had been searching for so long… Nowadays, that I am a proud, wise woman of thirty I have become a poised person, I enjoy life as it comes and I literally live, enjoy and breath every new day as if it was the last one, because with children, as soon as you have them you realize that time flies, they grow up so fast, every day they learn something new and they teach you how to be surprised at small things, to find the positive side to everything.

Motherhood and my new decade have given me a sense of place, of happinessyes that’s what my thirties have been so far: Happy.

Thanks Manuela for being the first person who contacted us without even knowing us, just because you found our blog and liked it! Half Eritrean, half Italian, Manuela used to work as a genetic engineer, now she is a full time mommy! Enjoy her post and check out her blog!


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Happy Holidays to All Our Readers!

In Family, Lifestyle, Relationships on December 24, 2013 at 20:45
From our family to yours!
From our family to yours!

“Life continues to flow”

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By Patricia Hernández

Patricia Hernandez Final

This October I will be 35. I believe my 30s thus far has been the most challenging and yet the most liberating.  I celebrated my 30th birthday in a small community surrounded by friends in El Salvador while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer. Together we celebrated with food, laughter, and music, a lovely way to begin my 30s. After I left Peace Corps I moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico and began my dual masters of Public Health and Social Work. Originally from Miami, FL and raised by Cuban parents I wanted to move out west and see what it was like to live close to the Mexican border. After living in El Salvador and hearing so many tales from people who immigrated from there to the United States through Mexico I was curious to learn about the border issues. During my time in Las Cruces I pushed myself more out of my comfort zone as I quickly took the lead in numerous student organizations, work, and personal life. I developed leadership skills and encircled myself with positive and upbeat people as that are some of the characteristics that I have embraced since Peace Corps.

May 2010 my life changed dramatically as my older sister, who was diagnosed with non-smoker’s lung cancer, took a turn for the worst. I rushed home to Miami from Las Cruces and to hear that she only had a few weeks to live. I was distraught at first and then became the strong one as I held her hand each day. I was the one who told her she was going to die and who worked with her to write out her will as no one else was able to do it. The night before she died, she awoke from her drug induced hazed and asked me for permission to leave. I granted it to her and then informed my family it was time for us to say goodbye. I remained by her side until the caretakers took her away.

A year later my mother was also diagnosed with non-smoker’s lung cancer but of a different side. I was in Nicaragua at the time of the diagnosis as I was working with a non-profit organization for my public health internship. Again I rushed home and remained by her side for 6 months until she regained her strength, therefore, putting off graduate school for a year. Once she was better and her cancer was in remission I returned to Las Cruces to resume my studies. I graduated with my Masters of Public Health and Social Work in May 2013.

Although I lost my sister in her physical form I know she continues to remain by my side. Since she has left I have followed more of what my heart has told me and less of what was expected of me. I have recently moved to Nicaragua where I work with the non-profit I completed my internship with. My outlook on life remains optimistic and I always have a smile on my face and a giggle in my throat. Recently I met the love of my life who complements me in every way. I look forward to every day with a heart full of love, joy, and happiness. I feel stronger every day and I am guided by a positive energy force called ki. In April 2013 I also became a Reiki Master so I can continue to assist people with healing energy so they may continue to live their lives to the fullest. I am blessed every day for the gifts I have been given and those I can share with others. I am blessed with family and friends who support me in all that I do and love me just the way I am. I am thankful I can share this story with pride and happiness. Blessings upon all of you and may you continue to prosper in all that you do.

About Patricia:

Born and raised in Miami, traveled around the US and Europe seeking new adventures. In her late 20s joined the Peace Corps and was thankfully sent to El Salvador, a beautiful country with courageous people living day to day. Her love of Latin America and working with people who have suffered from traumatic situations, such as civil war, yet who are survivors due to their resilient nature. Recently moved to Nicaragua and works with a non-profit called Emergency Response Services for Latin America as a Project Coordinator and assisting local firefighters with resources, such as training and support. Her future goal is to operate a wellness and healing center with her partner Joel and best friend Libby by providing holistic services somewhere in Latin America.


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“To the Girl I once Was”

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By Nena Ubani aka Duchess

Nena Ubani aka Duchess

I spent my teenage years and my 20s trying so hard to fit in. Energy I feel should have been spent more productively. Now in my early 30s, I feel most comfortable with myself and sometimes wonder if I was given a chance to communicate to the girl I once was, what would I tell her?

To the girl I once was

If I had a chance to meet you,

I would tell you to ‘chill’

Life is not a competition

Do not put too much pressure on yourself

Aspire to be happy and do the things you love

It’s impossible to please people all the time

Beauty is truly from within, so it’s ok to go out without make-up sometimes

Designer bags and shoes are not investments

Keeping up with trends does not define you

True friends would love you just as you are

Fulfillment comes from living the life you want

Living a life of laughs, love and spirituality.

About Nena:

Born and raised in Nigeria and now based in the UK, Nena Ubani aka Duchess is a multitalented presenter who has had the opportunity to interview so many leading African and international names for Voice of Africa Radio and Guess radio, and she is also a columnist for Africa world newspaper Ireland. Later founded Duchess TV and the Igbokwenu radio with the aim of providing a platform for promoting talent and positivity in her community. She has also worked in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police London as a youth mentor, engaging young people as a way to combat crime. Nena continues to do her work in dignity representing the new face of the African woman wherever she goes.


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“The Relationship with Myself”

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By Maria Mecheva

Maria MechevaThe best is yet to come. I am a firm believer that real life begins after 30 when one has a high self-awareness, has discovered what they want and has the knowledge on how to achieve it. I turned 30 with a great excitement and started waiting for the miracle to happen, all of a sudden something to change and to start feeling happy. I didn’t think it would take some effort and work to get there.

I was often asking myself: “What is the key to happiness?” I have always tried to do things right, to behave the way the others expect me to, to be a good girl. And though I had a good job, wonderful friends and was doing most of the things I have always wanted to, I felt like something was missing. Buying something nice or going on an exciting trip was just a temporary healing. Again I was waiting for something to happen or to achieve something and was telling myself – that will make me feel happy. But it didn’t as I was not giving myself time to enjoy what I just have got and immediately I was after the next thing that will make me feel complete. I was successful but still very demanding to myself, always wanting to be perfect and meanwhile I was missing lots of joyful moments aiming to comply with the society’s expectations and being dependent to a great extent of what the others would think. I liked my life and was sure that happiness depends on things – to achieve something I want, to find the right person to complete me, to be always cool as per the others, but after turning 30 I have started asking myself  “Why it doesn’t work?”

I decided I needed to do something in order to discover what will really make me happy. I had the feeling that this “something” should be completely different from all things that I have done before. Why not even something I am afraid of? And I went to a painting course at the seaside, as I have always been afraid of painting. With my efforts to be good in everything I do I was just avoiding painting pictures as I thought I am not talented enough and because I always set high expectations to final results. I was crying all the time when painting my first picture. A lot of hidden emotions came out in the process of painting and by the end of the course I discovered that what is important for me is diving into the exciting process of creating without focusing on the result. Another great learning happened when I started giving my pictures to my friends. I got a wonderful feedback and this is not because my pictures are perfect, but as I have made them whole-heartedly and especially for these people.

So the journey to my inner me began. I started discovering new things, some requiring to overcome myself, others to change my old habits or to do a thing I thought I will never do.  I felt like a child who plays, enjoys every moment and doesn’t care what the others expect. Isn’t that the real thing? I felt guilty that for so long I haven’t been in touch with the spontaneous child inside me being focused on external things and thinking too much what is right and what is wrong.

It came like an epiphany. The key is to have a healthy and true relationship with myself. To embrace that curious child that does things whole-heartedly and believes that anything is possible. Love yourself. That was echoing in my head for days. Yes, I have read it in books before but it was just a phrase. This time it is a feeling that fills me in and I have realized it is the solid basis inside of us that happiness rests on.

The relationship with myself is the most difficult and interesting I have and it requires constant care to flourish. Accepting myself with all the good and bad inside me makes me feel complete and free.

I know there is a lot more to be discovered and finding myself is a long exciting journey that I have started with a step – I dared to fix the relationship with myself.

On that way I am not afraid of change, I am grateful for all wonderful things and people in my life, I do everything whole-heartedly, and enjoy all the little things that make me feel good.

The best is yet to come.

Be true to yourself,


About Maria:

Maria is born and raised in Bulgaria, but feels a citizen of the world who loves traveling and broadening her horizons. An HR professional in the corporate world Maria likes the activities that awake the creativity like jewelry making, interior design, painting. Maria believes the most valuable way to spend her time is in conversations with friends and sharing moments, thought and experience. She is 32.


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How to Live Well

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-You need very little to be happy

-Want little, and you are not poor

-Focus on the present

-Be happy with what you have and where you are

-Be grateful for the small pleasures in life

-Be driven by joy and not fear

-Practice compassion

-Forget about productivity and numbers

Taken from CityGazettes, Edition DwnTwn Miami

“Choose your own path to happiness. Life is beautiful”

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-Lancome Campaign Slogan

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