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Do you ever wonder where does your time go?

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I find it always productive to look back and analyze how we spend our days and nights to decide the best way to invest them. Have you tried that? I promise you that efficient planning and productivity are only a few of the multiple benefits of this exercise.

Just like it happened in 2014, MY year started, in February. I even started drafting this post weeks ago, in the form of a list of one-word journal entries, however I just finished it and published it today.

After weeks of indulging in the 3Fs (family, friends, and food!), we welcomed 2015 moonbathing on New Year’s Eve in the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Only days later, we attended our first event of the year: The Jungle-Themed Wedding of a dear couple of friends. Nothing like a wedding to make me smile and cry!


Us at Johna & Cam’s Jungle-Themed Wedding. Saint-Lucia’s Pitons at the back!

Went home for one last health check up, one last holiday gathering and attend fun-filled events hosted by my brand new clients The Boss Chick Dance Workout and PerForm Studio. Back on a plane again, working up in the air, on materials for another lovely client: Tribal Hotel.

Meanwhile, before I had the chance to write an original post, I reblogged “The 10 most important life lessons to master in your 30s”, a post by Mark Manson that I consider a new classic of this digital era. How did you like it?

On a high note, one of the biggest online companies approached us looking for American couples, in their early to mid-30s, who recently had kids to be featured on an online news story about the pros of delaying marriage/kids. It felt amazing to be considered as a way to connect to our demographic!

When I finally got a few hours for ME, I used them to write. Inspired in Spanish, my first language, my mother tongue, the one that I miss and appreciate more lately. “2015: Año de la Fertilidad” is the post that summarizes my intentions for this year, everything that I will focus on: Physical, Creative, Spiritual, Emotional, and Financial Fertility.

Mid-January I disappeared. Only one reblog in Spanish with smart tips on “Things to do if you are single after 30” and that was it. The 8th Annual Mombacho Cigars Anniversary Month had started. As I have named it before: It’s the most special corporate extravaganza! What does that mean? Husband working non-stop, me on full hostess-tour guide-translator-PR mode, cigar tastings, blending sessions, sightseeing tours, private dinners, and parties among tobacco industry personalities, cigar connoisseurs, family, friends, colleagues and clients in town in honor of their continuous support to Mombacho Cigars.


Mombacho Cigars at Casa Favilli, Granada, Nicaragua

This year it included the ribbon cutting ceremony in honor of the company’s recent move to their new and expanded location Casa Favilli, one of the most prestigious historic buildings of Granada, Nicaragua and a party for over two-hundred sixty guests at the Old Railway Station of Granada, where they were welcomed with Mombacho cigars, refreshing cocktails, and tasty appetizers that served to transition to the surprise of the night: A live Samba band with dancers and drummers that invited to dance the night away and celebrate with the Mombacho Cigars family for many years to come in the global tobacco industry.


Dancing with the stars…!

The BEST part: My younger sister was here! It was comforting to have her by our side, showing her the beauty of this country and having her help and support during this busy time!


With my younger sister…love her!

A week at the beach gave me the opportunity to know more about our visitors. A meteorologist, a school Vice-Principal, a pilot, lawyers, a realtor taking a year off of her career to try the things she always wanted to try such as ballet, sewing classes and yoga, all feeling grateful and inspired to be surrounded by special old and new friends.  One of them is Tammy Faulds, who is a Certified Professional Life Coach & Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator. Check out her website, we will be hearing more from her soon.

Super Bowl Sunday was the last event to enjoy as a group. Expat gathering at our place with Canadians, Americans, one Venezuelan, one Italian, and one Saint-Lucien cheering for the New England Patriots, and one Dominican cheering for the Seattle Seahawks (yes, that was me!).

Last guest left two days later and everything was over. The moment to start working on my goals and work and personal pendings immediately, including getting in touch with you! Here I am!

Now you know where my time went since I’ve been gone. Where did yours go? Tell me below in the comments 😉

Stay tuned for our upcoming post about what we are looking forward to in the following months! First hint? The Oscars!

P.S.: No matter what’s going on, our social networks stay active sharing the best articles we find online. Check them out as we will always thrive to feed you interesting content that will inform you, make you think about the topics that matter most, and put a smile on your face and most importantly, on your heart.


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