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Share Your favorite Quotes with “Now that I Am in My 30s”

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IO helpDear readers,
How have you been?
Hope you are having a great day!
Thanks to all of you who have visited, read, liked, followed, commented and contributed to this project. You made it real. Thank YOU.
We need your help once again to complete “Now that I Am in My 30s”.
We are looking for quotations and phrases in any language to include as the Epigraph of the book and to open each Chapter. If we choose a quote sent by you, you win a signed copy of the print book!
Please send us your suggestions for:
Quotation that is pertinent but not integral to the text.
It should suggest topics such as: Turning/Being 30+, Experiences, Wisdom, Maturity, Age, and/or Aging.
To Open each Chapter:
All of them: With Oneself, Family, Friends, Partners, Colleagues, and the Outer World. These quotes could be about love, friendship, solidarity, empathy, kindness…
-Career and Vocation
-Personal Finances
In order to avoid intellectual property conflicts, we would like to receive quotes that are traceable or written before 1923, considered public domain. Cheers to the Classics!
Like in all memorable texts, we are looking for phrases that make us think and wonder, those one that touch fibers of the brain and the heart. We know you understand what we mean with that!
Looking forward to receiving your suggestions soon.
Thanks in advance for your help.
With love,

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