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Making the Best Out Of the Worst

In Career, Lifestyle, Quotes, Relationships, Spirituality on October 16, 2014 at 09:18

Remember that post where I told you everything about my 32nd birthday?

It’s been almost two months. A lot has happened since then. 

Some great moments: I enjoyed the enriching and humbling experience of volunteering at TEDxManagua. After a long work hiatus, four exciting projects with brands that I love came my way. Had a quiet but nice celebration for our 5th year anniversary. I reblogged a beautiful and touching post by Edna Medina. Thanks to a dear friend, I managed to sell my ticket to the Oprah Life You Want Tour to a person that will benefit from it a lot more than me, therefore I am now 100% guilt-free to attend my cousin’s wedding abroad next week.

And then, the inevitable hurt showed up without the request of its presence. My entire life has been shaken. Some of my wildest nightmares have given me a taste of how it would feel if they ever come true. “Wake Me Up When September Ends” became my mantra. Contemplating my fears, choosing love while fighting the impulse to make decisions based on conventional wisdom, pride or the wrong fantasies.

Would you like to know the best part?

It’s been all worth it. 

I am grateful for having the mindfulness, self-awareness, imagination, will, and strength to look for and pick the right tools to deal with pain.

I am thankful for the love and support that come from the cherished usual suspects and thankful to find the same as well in the least expected hearts.

I am amazed to confirm the healing powers of giving back. Even in our saddest moments, we can make somebody happy and that itself will make us happy back. God is in the details.

I realize that I have received so much love in my life that I only have love to give. And that makes me humble and better, vulnerable and strong, at the same time.

Quoting one of my wisest friends: 


Thank God for everything.

Always blessed,


P.S.:  Do you relate to any of these feelings? Have you ever felt like this? Opening up your heart and sharing what’s inside helps wonders too. I would love to hear from you, just comment below and encourage your friends to do the same!

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“The Relationship with Myself”

In Contributors, Lifestyle, Relationships, Spirituality on August 22, 2013 at 09:00

By Maria Mecheva

Maria MechevaThe best is yet to come. I am a firm believer that real life begins after 30 when one has a high self-awareness, has discovered what they want and has the knowledge on how to achieve it. I turned 30 with a great excitement and started waiting for the miracle to happen, all of a sudden something to change and to start feeling happy. I didn’t think it would take some effort and work to get there.

I was often asking myself: “What is the key to happiness?” I have always tried to do things right, to behave the way the others expect me to, to be a good girl. And though I had a good job, wonderful friends and was doing most of the things I have always wanted to, I felt like something was missing. Buying something nice or going on an exciting trip was just a temporary healing. Again I was waiting for something to happen or to achieve something and was telling myself – that will make me feel happy. But it didn’t as I was not giving myself time to enjoy what I just have got and immediately I was after the next thing that will make me feel complete. I was successful but still very demanding to myself, always wanting to be perfect and meanwhile I was missing lots of joyful moments aiming to comply with the society’s expectations and being dependent to a great extent of what the others would think. I liked my life and was sure that happiness depends on things – to achieve something I want, to find the right person to complete me, to be always cool as per the others, but after turning 30 I have started asking myself  “Why it doesn’t work?”

I decided I needed to do something in order to discover what will really make me happy. I had the feeling that this “something” should be completely different from all things that I have done before. Why not even something I am afraid of? And I went to a painting course at the seaside, as I have always been afraid of painting. With my efforts to be good in everything I do I was just avoiding painting pictures as I thought I am not talented enough and because I always set high expectations to final results. I was crying all the time when painting my first picture. A lot of hidden emotions came out in the process of painting and by the end of the course I discovered that what is important for me is diving into the exciting process of creating without focusing on the result. Another great learning happened when I started giving my pictures to my friends. I got a wonderful feedback and this is not because my pictures are perfect, but as I have made them whole-heartedly and especially for these people.

So the journey to my inner me began. I started discovering new things, some requiring to overcome myself, others to change my old habits or to do a thing I thought I will never do.  I felt like a child who plays, enjoys every moment and doesn’t care what the others expect. Isn’t that the real thing? I felt guilty that for so long I haven’t been in touch with the spontaneous child inside me being focused on external things and thinking too much what is right and what is wrong.

It came like an epiphany. The key is to have a healthy and true relationship with myself. To embrace that curious child that does things whole-heartedly and believes that anything is possible. Love yourself. That was echoing in my head for days. Yes, I have read it in books before but it was just a phrase. This time it is a feeling that fills me in and I have realized it is the solid basis inside of us that happiness rests on.

The relationship with myself is the most difficult and interesting I have and it requires constant care to flourish. Accepting myself with all the good and bad inside me makes me feel complete and free.

I know there is a lot more to be discovered and finding myself is a long exciting journey that I have started with a step – I dared to fix the relationship with myself.

On that way I am not afraid of change, I am grateful for all wonderful things and people in my life, I do everything whole-heartedly, and enjoy all the little things that make me feel good.

The best is yet to come.

Be true to yourself,


About Maria:

Maria is born and raised in Bulgaria, but feels a citizen of the world who loves traveling and broadening her horizons. An HR professional in the corporate world Maria likes the activities that awake the creativity like jewelry making, interior design, painting. Maria believes the most valuable way to spend her time is in conversations with friends and sharing moments, thought and experience. She is 32.


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“-Hacia dónde va señorita?…-Al 3er piso, por favor.”

In Contributors, En Español, Lifestyle on July 8, 2013 at 09:00

MarggieCuando tenía 27 años, me dije que si a los 30 mi vida no había tomado el rumbo “esperado”, ya saben, esposo, hijos y la linda casa con perro incluido, iba a dar un cambio radical a mi vida y vaya que lo hice!

Renuncié de mi trabajo, dejé familia y amigos, vendí mi único bien material y cambié de país. Con muy pocas certezas y todos mis ahorros, me mudé a Nueva York y comencé una nueva vida. Esa combinación mortal de “tengo 30 y no sé qué voy a hacer” extrañamente me hizo tomar una decisión tan arriesgada que hasta el día de hoy no sé si atribuirla a la valentía o la locura. Y es que cumplir 30 y haber cambiado totalmente de mundo, me ha llevado por el más intenso de los caminos. El camino hacia mí misma. El número 30, simbólicamente, representó para mí el momento del cambio, y aunque han habido momentos duros, la ganancia ha sido incalculable.

Hoy tengo 31, y puedo decir con absoluta convicción, que no he vivido más intensamente antes en mi vida, como en este último año. Me he atrevido a cosas que nunca había pensado. He experimentado la total autonomía y libertad de decisión y en especial,  he aprendido a cultivar el sentimiento de que me tengo a mí misma, a pesar de todas las cosas, y esa es mi mayor ganancia. Los días malos, siguen pasando, pero los días buenos son muchos más. Hay cosas que veo más claras, hay cosas que ya no hago, hay cosas que me preocupan menos y otras que me preocupan más pero que estoy aprendiendo a sobrellevar. Hay anhelos que no se han cumplido, miedos nuevos y fantasmas que acechan, pero al mismo tiempo e inexplicablemente, hay una extraña sensación de “Todo irá bien”, que estoy convencida emana de la pertenencia a mí misma y a  la madurez.

Nada de esto recuerdo haberlo experimentado en mis 20. Me conozco más a mí misma, en cuerpo y alma y ese poder, es solo mío. En la fiesta de cumpleaños de mis 30 el lema de la invitación decía: “Comparte conmigo mi llegada al tercer piso!” y es así como lo veo, mi llegada a una etapa más, a una década más que me espera y que voy a disfrutar. Voy a recibir lo bueno y lo malo, las crisis, las fases, las subidas y bajadas de peso, el asomo de las arrugas, las canas, las nuevas y viejas relaciones con el sexo opuesto, con amistades, lágrimas, carcajadas, los retos profesionales, la posible maternidad, las sorpresas, las decepciones, mis logros y los sueños que todavía no se cumplen.  Si de eso se tratan los 30, estoy más que lista para vivirlos, totalmente segura de que al final seguiré teniéndome a mí misma, intacta en esencia pero diferente, preparada para llegar al 4to piso, a mis 40, que aún no los imagino y eso es lo mejor de todo!

Toda la suerte,


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