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Finding Hope & Solace at the Gym

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Yesterday I went to the gym after almost two years and a half since the last time I worked out. Yes, I did one 7-minute workout one day this summer, but I am afraid that doesn’t count for personal statistics purposes.

I joined with an online offer two weeks ago without ever visiting the place. I got there early, with the intention to get my barcode keychain, tour the club and join a yoga class.

As much as I tried, I couldn’t get myself excited. The smell of rubber, cleaning products and bleach from the pool and jacuzzi, the sound of the weights falling on the floor or racks, the inspiring, colorful wall-sized posters, and I can’t even remember the music. Nothing seemed to impress me.

I got in the room for the yoga class. It was cold and the mats were worn down. Students started to arrive. One lady smiled to me and asked me if it was my first time. I said yes. She said the teacher was amazing while she saved a spot for a friend.

Her friend arrived and they started talking. She introduced me to her friend while the class started filling up, still enough space to avoid feeling crowded. The teacher arrived, a beautiful French yogi with the respective accent and body.

The class was gentle as the music she played, exactly what I was able to handle after not working out in so long. I was relieved, happy and grateful.

My instant friends invited me to join them on Saturdays for Zumba and Yoga after. “I’ll do my best to join you”, I said. I asked her names before I left. “I am Esperanza and she is Consuelo”. “What a beautiful pair of names!” I said.

Esperanza (Hope) and Consuelo (Solace) made my day and I have been thinking of them ever since. I am sure they are what I was looking for on and off the mat.

I found hope and solace at the gym yesterday. May you find what you need today.




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Laura Barboza
At the “tender” age of 28, a wise 30+ year old gentleman by the name of Mr. Oliver once said to me “Your 20s are for learning and your 30s are for living.” Those words impacted me heavily, as I was not only learning a lot at that time in my life, but I was also eager to get past the uncomfortable Saturn Return phase I found myself in. Having just moved literally and diagonally across the US from Miami to Seattle, I was struggling to find emotional balance, professional prosperity and growth amidst a very different culture than my own, with a complete new set of acquaintances, and within a broken economy. I was unemployed, confused, and homesick. Reaching my 30s was an anxious goal as it carried the significance of stability for me, especially after Mr. Oliver’s words circled in my mind daily. I was embracing the learning lessons, but I really just wanted to live!
To cope with the many changes I was experiencing, I turned to yoga and was successfully reaching an internal depth and awareness I would have never expected to achieve so suddenly. I began to spiritually reach towards a higher self while attempting to get through the daily challenge of the emotional and mental transience I was inevitably living through. My ultimate goal was to reach my 30th year as a strong, successful and serene being. I therefore collected every bit of energy in me into making this happen. I was determined to shine rather than conform to the “downhill” effect most folks fear when reaching 30. And to support the idea of glowing rather than greying, I was informed of the concept of one’s “golden birthday”, where the day of your birth aligns with your age, and magical moments arise. To my fortune and surprise, I was born on June 30th.
While looking forward to embracing Mr. Oliver’s advise to really live during my 30s, I decided to set a very defined 2-year plan for myself. I sought to complete a master’s degree prior to my 30th year celebration and expand my yoga practice to promote the idea of finding myself in the best physical shape of my life (yes, my life). In addition, I was seeking to implement and practice grace in everything I did, said, thought and became involved in. Grace meant stability in so many ways. Handling anything that life blew my way with complete objectivity, managing confrontations and less than positive moments with ease, and becoming a centered person in every sense was all I wanted.
I’ve since come to understand that finding grace is a lifelong endeavor, and as much as I try, it’s not a daily possibility (at least for me). However, what matters about this aspiration is that it continues to remain my ultimate goal, and though I may stumble more days than I’d like to admit, I strive to be gentle and forgiving when I falter, while remaining humble and grounded when I’m on top. Which brings me to the conclusion of my story. I’m 30, I’m learning, and I’m proud to say I’m humbled every single day. Learning and living are not mutually exclusive. They are able to coexist in the same way we are able to coexist with individuals, emotional situations, and environmental factors. To add to my virtue, I can say that where I find myself at 30 is not where society wants me to be, nor where my pride led me towards. I’ve learned that to be happy we don’t have to fit in, we don’t have to be comfortable, and we don’t have to make money. And isn’t that the true definition of living?
About Laura:
User Experience Researcher in the Seattle area. On her free time, you can find her amidst friends and in one yoga pose or another.

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“Living from the Heart”

In Contributors, Spirituality on May 28, 2013 at 09:58

By Libby Creagh

 I have never lived a conventional life, and turning 30 was no different. Some women really begin to feel the pressure to conform to societal expectations as they reach this fulcrum. For me, I saw turning 30 as a time to decide what I wanted out of life and then act on that decision. No more waiting for my life to find me. As I neared my third decade walking this earth, I realized that it was time to walk the walk and use my actions, not my words.

I spent my twenties working with nonprofits to effect social change. I had strong ideas about the way the world ought to be, and I thought I could make change through protesting, canvassing, and lobbying elected officials. I was sure that by compiling enough facts and communicating with the public, people would see reason and act in their own best interests. Some good and positive change happened during those years, both on a national level and in smaller statewide and neighborhood campaigns. Just as many decisions went in the opposite direction, though, and I began to see that it was all part of a cycle.

I came to a point in my late twenties when I wanted to shift careers. I still believe there is a place in this world for activism, but my personal focus began to move from changing the outer world to helping people access a much more profound change within. I took my practice of yoga and turned it into a career, getting certified to teach and then diving a lifelong of trainings to learn more and more about sharing the “yoke” of yoga, on and off the mat.

The year I turned thirty was one of profound change. I found myself unemployed – not only in between jobs, but in between careers. After spending months searching for traditional work, I found that I had cobbled together opportunities here and there that added up to exactly what I needed to make ends meet. That was the first time in my adult life that I realized that income didn’t need to be tied to a traditional 40 hour a week job. It was also the beginning of living from a place of trust that the universe would provide what I needed.

Thirty found me immersed in a world of Spirit, practicing and teaching yoga, loving my work, and expanding my worldview. Shortly after taking the leap and becoming a yoga teacher, I was given an opportunity to take my practice and teaching on the road, to Central America. That’s been my life path ever since – traveling, learning about yoga and culture and the human spirit, and living fully and authentically from the heart. I never had this much trust in my twenties – I’m grateful for the lessons I learned then that allow me to live my dream of a gypsy lifestyle now. Attached is a photo from when I turned 30.  It’s with my dad in Mexico. 🙂

I’m 34 now.  The advice I would give my 30-year-old self is to worry less and trust more.


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