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“Preparing for 30”

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“A reflection from a girl who wanted nothing more than to be 30”

By Kimiko Hosaki

What did I do in my twenties? What did I learn by 30?Kimiko

I spent most of my twenties…

…Rushing to grow up and awaiting my golden age 30 when I thought everything would be clearer.

…With the wrong guy and somehow knowing all along but trying to make it work.

…Trying to find the “love” I had before.

…Working extremely hard on a career that I would later walk away from.

…Stressing about the past and why bad things kept happening to my family and me.

…Trying to find myself by packing a bag and traveling the world.

…Trying to make myself feel beautiful with make-up and hundreds of hair colors.

…Seeking acceptance from my friends.

 I learned at 30…

…That things don’t get clearer once you hit 30, the decisions often get harder but you face them with a stronger sense of self and more knowledge and understanding to make the right decisions.

…It’s ok when relationships don’t work out! Accept that it’s just not meant to be and don’t waste all your good young years with someone that does not enrich your life. Don’t settle!

…When I finally found love, I realized I never really knew what it was before that moment.

…That it’s ok to change career paths, each one sets the building blocks and builds skills for your next step.

…Don’t stress about the past, learn from it.  Life has a funny way of showing you when you are headed down the wrong path. Let hard times teach you lessons and build strength to face the world head on.

…That traveling in my mid-twenties and leaving all my influencers behind was the best thing I could have ever done to find and accept myself.

…That you should always get into a good habit of exercise in your twenties because make-up and hair colour doesn’t hide cellulite.

…That you learn who your true friends are by 30. If you feel like you have to work for acceptance, they aren’t really your friends.

 But the best lesson I have learnt and live by everyday is:

 If you wake up day after day and don’t feel happy about something in your life, whether it is a relationship, a job or the place you live, change it. Everything will work out in the end if you face the world with a positive attitude and acceptance.

About Kimiko:

Born and raised in Canada, Kimiko feels like the hard lessons learnt through her 20s shaped her 30s and give her more clarity and passion to succeed.  She credits her strong character and fun loving personality to growing up at the racetrack with her racecar driving father, as well as the life-changing experiences she encountered while traveling the world. Her favorite hobby is cooking for friends.  She has a deep passion for entertaining, and travel, loves to slow life down with a good scotch and has a dream to put all her recipes into a book one day. In her spare time away from her position as Business Development Director for Mombacho Cigars, she is the founder and director of 82 Reasons and K.H. & co. Consulting, as well as an enthusiastic Pilates instructor. Her 30s excite her, with all the endless professional possibilities and big life decisions to make and feels confident facing the years ahead with her husband and biggest supporter, Dane by her side. 


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